Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hoping for green.

This was the view this morning from our bedroom window.  I love that tree on the right.  It belongs to our neighbors. Today, a branch broke off and fell onto their property.  Tonight, there is rain mixed with snow in the forecast, and as of Friday, rain alone is predicted for several days.  I'm hoping that beautiful vista will transform to an even more attractive one, colored in deep forest green.  Any bets as to whether I'll be back on my bike for the first day of work, January 2nd? 
I bought some birdseed this evening, hoping to attract a flicker to our yard tomorrow, for a photo shoot.  I think I caught one today, but my camera didn't enjoy the wet snow, and the  image was fuzzy.  I'm pretty sure I detected a red head, although it doesn't show up in this picture.
This last picture is for dp.  She mentioned that she and David will be playing their new Wii game.  Last year, Bill and I were at my sister's in Ottawa, and had a lot of fun with theirs.  (Their wannabe lapdog, Zoe, is in the background.)  
Wishing you, your families, friends and animals a warm, safe and happy Christmas day.


  1. I think you'll be back on your bike for January 2nd. It is going to be awfully sloppy out there for a few days...

    When we had our flicker Gareth (David's brother, an birder extraordinaire) said that they only eat bugs. She seemed to eat the sunflower seeds that I put out, but Gareth really knows his stuff. Maybe they eat seeds when desperate.

    Anyhow, I feel sure that the bird in your picture is not a flicker. Seems too small.

    Tomorrow will bring the much-anticipated setting up of the Wii. I am looking forward to playing Dance Dance Revolution myself, as I love that one whenever we go to the arcade. You definitely seem to be enjoying yourself in the picture.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. The bird in the picture does seem too small and not the right silhouette - a little too round in the belly (hmmmm......too many Christmas treats???). But when I click on it for a larger view, it does look like it has the spotted tan breast of the flicker rather than the more stripey black and white of a downy or hairy woodpecker.
    I have certainly had flickers feeding from suet feeders, and from the ground beneath the feeders - whether searching for bugs or leftover seeds, I don't know.
    Merry Christmas Carol - may the days of snow be few, the rain be only light, and the cycling be plentiful and fun!

  3. Thanks, Jean and dp, for the good wishes and for the bird info. I appreciate each tidbit that you pass along and believe you're right, although I still keep thinking I detect the faintest tinge of red in my blurry bird:) I can't supply bugs unless they're buried somewhere in the telephone pole, but will buy a suet block tomorrow, if I can find one.

    dp, we played several games: baseball, tennis, boxing and bowling. I don't remember seeing a Dance Dance Revolution one. Would love to see pictures of you and David playing. Depending on how difficult the game looks, maybe Bill and I will invest too.