Monday, December 8, 2008

Sunday's walk at Bridgeman - Part 2

As with our last walk at Bridgeman Park, Bill was unfailingly patient with Black Jack, while I snapped photos.  I loved this one of the trees.  It wasn't a super bright day, but the sun found glow spots, even in the deeper part of the forest.
We found some interesting additions to nature every once in a while.

Bill took this one of Black Jack in my arms.  Check out the intent look in her eyes.
I love this one of Bill and Black Jack, with the river behind them.  Black Jack seemed to be very happy that she was well above the rapids and rocks beneath her.
After the walk, we drove over the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge and then along Wall Street in East Vancouver.  The clouds were dramatic and the setting sun as well as the crows made for amazing photo potential.  However, in spite of Bill's efforts to take me to the best viewing spots and his patience in waiting while I snapped away, none of the photos I took were great.  He was the one to capture my favorite photo of the day;  I didn't even see "The Lions" until he pointed them out.  I love the sun on the peaks and the crows in the foreground.  Recognizing them as lions has always been elusive for me.  There was one day when I looked out of a classroom window at school and made my students laugh because I got very excited as I suddenly saw lions in the peaks, but I do not see them in this picture.  Bill says it's the same for him (and maybe for most people?) 
This was probably my most successful shot.  I zoomed in on one section of the sky that seemed on fire.
And the crows..  oh the crows.  How I wish I could represent the power of their numbers in flight.  Just little speckles here, little more than dirt on the page, but I look for pairs and families and interactions between them and imagine discussions as they travel and stop for rests.  

After my adrenalin rush of sun, cloud and crows, we stopped at The Wicked for lattes and food, and I counted it as another great day.

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