Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Look Around

A quiet and good Christmas day.  

On a walk with Bill and Black Jack, these berries seemed a wintery, Christmasy symbol of good cheer.  
My seeds drew a few birds, but no flicker photo shoot yet.  I saw one, the flash of red at head and tail unmistakable, but I was inside the house, and it didn't linger.  I did enjoy this Towhee, in my neighbor's garden
And this chick-a-dee.
This cutie (a new and rare breed to include all birds I can't name) came to our impromptu feeder - one of those hostess folding trays my mother used to bring out for company.  I guess Bill's mother may have used them for the same purpose, and he brought it up from the basement when I arrived home last night with the bag of seeds.   I set it in the middle of the backyard snow pile, and the birds found it pretty quickly.  I didn't get this one in focus, but love the spread of the delicate wings.
This is where the branch broke off from my neighbor's tree.  
A surprisingly thick and heavy branch.
The tree is still very beautiful.  Black Jack would miss it for her TV entertainment, and I would miss its beauty.  It looks down from well above the upstairs bedroom window to the living room window below, and feels a part of all that defines this house.  Hopefully, no more branches will crack under the strain of heavy, wet snow. 
This was one of two snowmen we saw on our walk.  I like it for three reasons: 
1. Snowmen in Vancouver are rare.  
2. It looks like the ones we made growing up in Quebec - lopsided and imperfect and steeped in kid energy. 
3. The carrot nose.  
The movie we saw was The Reader.  Bill has a theory about people who like depressing movies.  He thinks they are basically happy people who enjoy seeing a slice of life different from their own.  The reverse may also be true, but isn't as set in stone.  Anyhow, he feels this movie was one of the best of the year, and I loved it too.  I guess that makes us happy people, because it could not be described as a happy movie.  The bottom line is that we both recommend it.  

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