Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Xmas Lights

This post is inspired by Jean. I enjoyed her unabashed pleasure in the Christmas season.  I have no great traumas or terrible memories of Christmases past, but rather shamefully admit I don't share her enthusiasm.  I think it may have been a feeling of having to fake joy as a child, in order to please the adults around me who were doing their utmost to make it a special time.  I suspect I was just a bit of a strange kid:)  Anyhow, although a part of my heart sinks each year, as I see the decorations and lights going up, there is another part of me that loves the color and warmth, so with Jean in mind, I took these pictures last night of the huge tree display on Beach Avenue (I think there are six trees in total).  The first time I saw it, several years ago, I was awe-struck.  Last night, I got off my bike, and stood under it for some of these photos.  This blog has inspired some strange behavior, but overall, I think it has given me an awakened sense of Vancouver's treasures.
Just this one without the flash.

..and from as close as I could figure out to be the center.

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  1. Ohhh, I have to try that - taking pics of the lights from under the tree! Beautiful!
    I do love the spirit of Christmas and my little traditions and the lights and music and gift of time with family and critters; However, I strongly dislike the commercialism and obscene materialism. Small and simple is so much nicer. I'd rather receive a gift of a small jar of homemade peach preserves than 99.9% of the items advertised on television as "the perfect gift".