Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bike to Work Week

It's Bike to Work Week.  Waterproof panniers as prizes each day, if you register and record the distance you travel.  Great map system on the site.  It's easy to record your route and figure out the distance you travel each day.  It also allows you to continue recording after the week finishes.  Lots of good reasons to check it out, if you happen to be cycling to work, or have been thinking about trying it.  You can even get a team going, if you like.  Here's the link:

Yesterday was very foggy in the morning, and beautiful.  I stopped at the community garden at the corner of Cyprus and 6th and took these two flowers.
On the Lions Gate, I stopped for a few moments to look at the trees through the mist.  Then I noticed this cobweb strung carefully between the railings.  There have been a few cobwebs going on in my brain over the past couple of days.  Maybe they have a beauty too.  

I only noticed the rusted out section of the railing when I took a look at the photo.  Hm... 
A bit more detail in the web.
And one more.
Time to head out.  Maybe today I'll come across one of the Bike to Work Week stations.


  1. Love the turquoise you captured!

  2. Wow Carol - those cobwebs are terrific!

    I felt quite sheepish today that I hadn't checked your blog to see them before our conversation. I don't always turn my computer on at home - but am very glad I did this evening & got to see these photos.

    I love the last one especially - are those trees in the background, in Stanley Park? Which side of the bridge is that on?

    I haven't seen a Bike to Work Week station yet but looked on the schedule and hope to see on this Friday...!