Sunday, November 16, 2008

The wind at my back and a whir in my wheel

I'm writing this on Saturday night, which is officially Sunday because it's after midnight, but the post is my account of this past Thursday (the 13th). Are you still reading? If so, thanks:)

Thursday was windy. Really windy. As I biked along Pacific, I had to stop twice when I came close to being hurled by gusts into the parked cars on my right. Still, the day was a stunning one. More than anything, I wanted to stop and photograph the birds.  They were riding the wind some of the time, and hovering on the spot when the force of the gusts gave them no other option.  Meanwhile, English Bay churned whitecaps like none I had seen before. No time, though. I was late and only the wind at my back made it possible to make it to school on time. Thank you, great wind spirit, for being with me on Thursday!

Later in the afternoon, I had a chance to get outside for a few minutes between classes. I snapped these two photos.  They recorded the incredible blues of the ocean and sky.

Just as I was heading back into school, I heard my name. I looked around to see Andy. It was good to see him.  With Myoko's passing, and my move away from North Van, I've seen very little of him, but on Thursday, he was walking a friend's dog, Daisy Mae.  This is a picture I took of her the summer before last, when I was still living in North Van.  She is obsessed with driving, as you can see, but otherwise a dog with a great sense of humor, and she brings a smile wherever she goes.  
After a short but fun visit with Andy, and one more class at school, I headed home.  The wind had died down, and all was well except for a very strange whir in my wheel.  It was constant and loud, and the faster I pedaled, the louder it became.  I got off the bike twice, and checked the few things I thought it could be, but the fender wasn't rubbing on the wheel, the brakes seemed fine, and nothing appeared to be in danger of falling off.  As soon as I arrived in Kits, I went to my favorite bike shop (Ride on Again).  After considerable investigation, and several test drives, it became evident the problem had to do with my panniers.  We never did figure out exactly what that problem was, but I left minus the whirring sound, and only slightly embarrassed.  Then, a meet-up with Bill at the gym, followed by a great home-cooked meal, and early to bed.

It's very late now, so Friday and Saturday's posts will have to be done tomorrow..  well, I guess I should say later today, since it is, as mentioned, already Sunday.

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