Saturday, November 8, 2008

Colors and Critters on Saturday

I was prepared for rain this weekend. When the sun made an appearance some time around two, it seemed like a gift to be used right away. I ran outside with Black Jack and took a picture of the glow over my neighbor's garden. I hoped to capture some of the chirping birds, so I went outside the gate, leaving Black Jack to observe through the slats. She wasn't impressed and I'm convinced her expression scared every bird away. Not a one in sight, once I left the yard.
I came back to find the sun gleaming across this shrub, and took one last photo before Black Jack convinced me we really needed to go for a walk.
This was my favorite picture of the day. Just tree knots and a branch with a couple of leftover leaves. The muted tones and shapes drifted gracefully.
More grey tones and intricate patterns. The transition to Winter wasn't a bad thing after all.
The sun was long gone, but the rain held off, and by now, I was looking for muted tones. This city scene behind the trees caught my eye.
I've always loved rocks, and enjoyed the mottled greys of this one, nestled among rich browns.
Speckled textures caught my eye too.

Just when my walk was to be about greys and browns and textures, yellow/orange/green combinations reminded me Autumn wasn't ready to bow out entirely.

Brilliant reds, not to be outdone.

And even some pink!
When Black Jack goes on the alert, I always know critters are near by, even if i don't see them right away.
Sure enough, I looked way up to see this fellow.
And then this one, with the lovely bushy tail.

Back in our own yard, I was going to enter the house, when Black Jack again went on the alert.
I couldn't see a thing, and was almost convinced she was, just this once, wrong.
I moved closer to the fence, and then saw with her eyes...
.. a pair of yellow eyes staring back at us.

This cat's real interest was the birds, but he kept an eye on Black Jack too. Finally, he faced me, wrapped his magnificent tail around his body, and posed. Perfect ending to a good walk.


  1. I love the shot of the tree knots - it is almost surreal. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Isn't it amazing how a colour many think of a "drab" can be so beautiful?

  2. I don't think I've ever seen such a stripey cat. They are not far removed from their large ancestors.