Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Jack's 7 beds

I have to finally face up to the fact that Black Jack is a tad spoiled.  It's fortunate that I didn't get her as a puppy.  I think that fact saves her from being obnoxious.  Here is a rundown of the seven beds she considers hers.  First, the one I bought the day before I drove to Seattle to pick her up at the foster lady's house.  It is by far her most expensive bed, but well used.  It mainly stays under the kitchen table.  When playing, she takes a running leap into it, so that it slides right back to the wall.  Here she is in the car, coming back with me to Vancouver.   She really loves this bed, and did from day one.
Bed number 2 is an old quilt that stays on the end of our bed.  Bill generally is the one to place her carefully on it each night.  He uses a section to cover her up, and she rarely moves until the morning.  
Bed number 3 is Bill.  When she wakes up (usually around 5:00 a.m. when my alarm goes off) she moves from the quilt to lie or sit on his chest.  He sleepily gives her a little massage. I find it both amazing and adorable that he is so patient with her.  Black Jack, however, clearly considers this her due.  
I can't remember when we bought bed number 4, but this little brown bed has become the one that stays in the computer room.  It is sometimes used as a place for her to chew her bully stick, and also goes on Bill's knee so that she can supervise his computer activities.  Although she appears comfortable and secure in it most of the time, she occasionally seems to be falling over the edges.

Bed number 5 was very inexpensive and she seems to recognize that, as it the only one of her beds that she tosses around in play.  In the warmer weather, when the kitchen door is open, she sometimes uses it for lying in the sun.  At other times, I have seen her carry it down the steps into the back yard for a play session.  She often likes to chew her bully stick in it.  It's a most versatile bed.
Bed number 6 is a small mat that stays on top of the chair by the front window in the living room.  It is is used a great deal.  She spends hours watching the dog equivalent of television.  Squirrels and Cats are her two favorite shows, but she also likes to watch for the mailperson and for Bill's truck.
Bed number 7 is me, and is generally used in the evenings when I nap on the couch.  It requires my soft, white housecoat as an accessory.  Sometimes, she rests in the crook of my knee, as in the next two pictures.  
At other times, she prefers to brace herself between the back of the couch and my shoulder.Bill reminded me that she has one more bed, and that is the seat of his truck.  I had forgotten that one, and so do not have a picture to include in this blog.  It is only used when Bill is out of the truck to run short messages.  Otherwise, she resorts to either bed number 3 or number 7 for travel.


  1. She is the cutest thing -- of course you spoil her! Our guys have a whole couch to themselves in the mud room (where they spend their time when we're not home, and to where they get banished when they're wet), a whole futon to themselves in the bedroom, and two huge (big enough for all three) dog beds elsewhere in the house. They are not, however, allowed on any of the other furniture. They would call themselves hard-done-by if they got the chance.

  2. Aw.. thanks:))

    A couch and a futon to themselves? And two other large beds? Sounds like your guys are getting by not too badly!

  3. How big is Black Jack? She looks very small in that photo on the back of the chair by the window, but looks like a medium sized dog in the ones with you on the couch. I'm trying to visualize her size - somewhere between a chihauhau and a black lab???? LOL

    My four guys have two humungous crates and a basket in my office, a raised bed, a large cushion, a basket, and the couch in the living room, and another basket in the kitchen - plus my bed. Oh, and there are a few more beds and crates in the attic, which get brought down on occasion. All in a 650 square foot house. Let's just say it is more oriented to the canine (and feline) comforts than the human ones!

  4. It's interesting to me how the camera plays tricks. I use the zoom in a lot of the shots. Maybe that's the reason, but I find, Black Jack does look like a medium size dog in many of the photos. In fact, she definitely qualifies as a small dog. She weighed 12 pounds when I got her - I think she may be closer to 13 now, She stands about 12 inches high and is about 20 inches long. (I just measured her for this post with a ruler:) She is a bit smaller than most pugs that I meet, and a bit larger than most chihuahuas that I meet.

    Wow! Your four fellows enjoy the good life for sure. But, I already knew that:)