Thursday, November 20, 2008

Windy Tuesday and a Wicked latte

I'm behind on my posts again.  This one is for Tuesday, which was the second windy day in a week. The gusts weren't as powerful as the Thursday before that, but the birds cavorted in the same acrobatic way.  I wonder if they wake up on windy mornings, itching to find big air.  This time, I had a few extra minutes, but again failed to get any decent bird shots. 

 I did take one of the sky at the top of Point Grey Hill.
And one along Pacific, trying to catch the waves.

In between those two shots, I had a latte at The Wicked at 7th and Hemlock.  
The next time I'm lucky enough to have this person make my latte, I will remember to ask him his name.  I'll also try to do a better job of representing his tattoos;  I think they are spectacular.  But, first thing first - he really knows his coffee.  Bill and I rate our lattes on five criteria: temperature, foam, flavor, strength, design/pattern.  We also have two other unofficial ratings: one for the edible items that go along with the lattes and the other is for ambience.  All of our favorite places get the smooth foam and rarely miss on the design, but temperature is more tricky.  And I have to say, for  flavor, The Wicked is our perfect 10.  The strength is always just right as well, and the temperature is ideal about 98% of the time.  I cannot put my finger on what it is that draws me to go out of my way for that taste.  Maybe, just a hint of caramel?  For the last two ratings, I like it that I can usually get an Extreme Green drink to go along with my latte, and Bill likes the veggie pesto sandwiches, and we both enjoy the funky ambience, friendly service and communal tables. 
I had a plan to do a latte log, with all of my favorite places in one post, but that plan has been put to rest.  Now that I've tried dp's blog personality test, I realize that planning ahead just doesn't work for me.  I will do each place (there are now five in total) as the spirit moves me.

Off to work, now.  Later start on Friday mornings is nice, but it will be busy, with eight student groups preparing for a performance in two weeks.  This evening, I'm looking forward to a staff get together which will begin with a pub visit and conclude with the latest James Bond movie.  I do love Fridays!


  1. Lovely latte. We saw Quantum of Solace last week. Not my thing, but Daniel Craig is easy on the eyes so I wasn't disappointed.

  2. He was pretty easy on the eyes, but I'm ashamed to say I missed several bits (of the story, not his body) when I dozed off. James Bond is not my thing either, but the outing was fun, and I'm happy to provide a few laughs for colleagues now and then. (They're trying to say I snored, but I don't believe it for a second:)