Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A dog and a duck

Today, I took a walk along the river, on a break between classes.  I've been at my school for almost ten years, and at the new building in North Vancouver for over four years, but in a ten-minute walk, saw a part of the school surroundings that I had completely missed up until now.  First, I met this dear little dog, named Chrissy, and her adored human.
Chrissy is two, but spent the first year of her life at the breeder's, and so is quite timid.  However, she came a long way out of her shell for treats.  Her tail was wagging so quickly, it was a blur.
She is learning the word "dance" but doesn't quite have it down yet.  She tried her entire sit/stay/down repertoire, hoping to get another treat.  (It worked)A failed photo, because I missed the top of her head, but oh I love the expression.  
I also saw a beautiful duck.  I think this may be one of my better duck photos.
I don't know if "river", the term I've been using to describe the body of water flowing into the ocean,  is correct.  It's such a tiny little stream, but there is a lot of activity along it.
Today, I discovered a little waterfall at the end of the stream.  There was a small, wooden lookout nearby, and that's where I met Chrissy.  Amazing to think it was so nearby, but undiscovered until today.  I hope Chrissy and I will meet up again soon.   

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