Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I am time-management challenged. This week, that resulted in two all-nighters, one on Sunday and one on Tuesday. At 61, I pay a greater price for the lost sleep than used to be the case. Sadly, it also meant that I missed the live version of Obama's speech. Nevertheless, I felt the energy, as Obamania traveled the world. Interesting, this capacity and need humans have to raise one above the others, and then begin looking for reasons to enjoy their descent. The quote below is on the wall at The Foundation. I snapped it Sunday evening, while we watched the kitchen staff work efficiently and harmoniously to prepare our delicious meal. A well-coordinated dance is the way Bill described their performance. The quote seems to connect to my thoughts about Obama, and my hope that we can let him get on with the job I think he is well-equipped to do. I like to think his election indicates a shift in the direction of enlightenment.
We both forgot the time change until an hour or so after we woke up on Sunday. It was lovely to have an extra hour dropped into the day. Here, Black Jack checks out the polls (well, actually the movies), while Bill sets his watch back. We finally chose Happy Go Lucky, and as Bill said, "It had its charms."
Each time I post Autumn pictures, I think they'll be the last for this season. I've been wrong twice. This one was taken on Sunday, through the truck window, as we drove along tenth.
Bill mentioned this yellow blanket on Saturday. It seemed still untouched on Sunday.
Golden decorations, almost star-like.
I like the details in this one close up.
This squirrel raced across Black Jack's path and took a flying leap for the tree, as she lunged forward. Secure on the highest branch, it taunted her. I didn't succeed in capturing the branch shot, but had fun trying.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go. In the rain:)


  1. omg, that blanket of leaves is absolutely gorgeous!! It's not always a bad thing when you don't do your chores.

  2. My goodness -- I can't even imagine what an all-nighter would do to me these days (at the age of 32). David is also time-management challenged, but I am the opposite. Bill?

  3. Ohhhh yes...all nighters...I've had a couple of those this term. At 58, I can't handle them any more either.

    Thank you for posting that quote from the wall of the Foundation. It is so very true. I have, in fact, copied it out to share with my sociology classes - we are talking about social change.

    Lovely fall pictures - my leaves are pretty much all gone here but we share the same yellow blankets on the ground. Well, now they are very wet yellow blankets!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Nev:) As for chores, if an all-nighter is required, it's because I'm right down to the wire. Not completing whatever it is would cause others to pay for my time-challenged affliction.

    dp, I asked Bill last night where he fits into the time picture, and he said he thinks, somewhere in the middle. Hard for him to evaluate, because he has the unknown variability of me to factor into plan equations. I will say that if he's engrossed in Python, all time ceases.

    Nice to know we share some similar challenges, Jean. With all the animals you care for, I'd be willing to bet yours are not caused by poor time management. You're welcome:) Yes, pretty soggy here this morning, too.