Sunday, November 23, 2008

Music and light

Black Jack and I enjoyed a sunny walk yesterday.   We met my favorite neighbor, and found that she had been to the same concert Bill and I were to attend later.  The whole day seemed colored with my anticipation of that performance.  

I loved the light and Black Jack, the warmth, as we made our way to the endowment lands.  I noticed this leaf propped up on the sidewalk.  The light seemed to come from under.

I have no idea which mushrooms are edible, but these looked inviting in the sunlight.

Little tiny, emerald green leaves were everywhere. (Lower right in this picture)

On the way home, the red in this woodpecker (I think) caught my eye.  By the time I snapped the photo, its head was in the shade, but I like the tree bark and memory record of a stunning bird.
Photo cropped to give a slightly better view of the bird.

Later, I biked along 8th Avenue.  Splotches of fall color continue to warm the November view.

This was taken along 7th, later in the afternoon, as I made my way downtown after a trip to the music store on Main Street.  Each intersection gave incredible views North. 

Another failed (but I thought interesting) bird shot, taken from the Burrard Bridge as the sun went down.  Several groups of Sea Gulls attacked this one spot.  Food, or maybe tricked by shadows?

These Grackles were enjoying the frame of the bridge, in between frenzied group flights one way and the other.

And at home after a jump-up-and-down-let-it-all-hang-out concert, Black Jack enjoys our company and one of her favorite spots.