Sunday, November 16, 2008

The weekend

On Saturday, I rode over to North Van. On the way back, as I was going up the path to the Lions Gate Bridge, I noticed these tiny apples growing along the side.  It's a bit of a dismal spot there, but there always seem to be interesting and beautiful plants that survive and even thrive.  
On the way over the bridge, I looked down to see these two cormorants.
Geometry was never my strong subject, but I saw it in this bridge photo.
Geese along the edge of Pacific Street.
I had the camera hanging around my neck, and took this photo with one hand, while riding the bike with the other.  Not a great picture, but the memory of the ride makes me smile.
On the way to The Wicked for a latte, along 7th, to meet Bill and Black Jack.  I always admire this statue at the corner of Granville and finally stopped to photograph it.
A lot of people with dogs seem to stop at The Wicked.  This dog, Cleo, was an absolute sweetie.  She came from a reserve in Mt. Currie.  
Cleo has soulful eyes.  
This is Beatrice.  She was also at the Wicked with her human, who wore red boots.  She was friendly, and very fashionable in her pink coat.
A close up of Cleo's collar.  I think her humans said it came from Switzerland.
I arrived home, and took one photo of a bird in my neighbor's garden.
Then I noticed the sky.  It seemed a perfect backdrop for this tree.
Bill, Black Jack and I were invited out for supper.  Sheila is a friend and one phenomenal cook.  This was dessert, and it was as beautiful as it was  delicious.  I can't remember what those white things are.  Do they look like eyeballs to you?
Sunday morning was clean-up time.  Then I took Black Jack for a walk.  These trees are at the entrance to UBC lands.  English Ivy is beautiful, but it is taking over these trees.
Black Jack was very keen to get her ball away from me.
On the way home, I kept seeing pink.  I have days like that, when one color suddenly dominates.

These little white bells with the pink stems yielded a mystery berry.  dp?
More pink, this time with mauve and yellow.  Looked like a painting.
Took a little ride down Point Grey Hill later in the afternoon and loved this subtle sunset.
Finally, a tasty meal with Bill and his sister at Greens and Gourmet, and then a sad but beautiful film called The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.  That was the weekend, another good one.

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