Sunday, November 2, 2008

A good rainy Fall day

I began this blog with the notion of recording my daily bike commutes from Point Grey to North Vancouver. I still do that, but finally have to admit it's really just a fun way to keep a diary. It's even more of an admission to add that the fact the diary is public gives it a tad more appeal. Maybe, we all like to think someone out there might be interested in the small (or momentous) events of our lives.

Yesterday was a dull, rain-on-and-off day, but it was enjoyable. There was only a light mist in the morning when Black Jack and I went for our walk. The colors were still beautiful. Amazing to me that this season has lasted longer than any I can remember.

I played just a little ball with Black Jack, her first game since the incident with her back knees. With so many leaves around, the ball didn't bounce; a good thing. And the colors made a beautiful background. Here, she is telling me to hurry up, stop clicking the camera, and do what all humans were designed to do, throw the ball.
The fallen leaves, before the heavier rains, and before people walk through them, are as beautiful as the ones on the trees.
Rain drops highlight their color.
We met this beautiful dog, Dali, just before entering the woods. When his humans told me they had only had him for two weeks, and that he was adopted from a rescue near Prince Rupert, I asked if I could take a picture and post him here. A good news story for sure. Just three years old, he is handsome and good natured too. Every time I tell someone about my blog, I seem to blow my photo ops. It seems to take me forever, fumbling around with the camera and trying to do justice to my subject, and I always feel a bit of a failure. Here, I've cut off a bit of Dali's magnificent tail.
Here, I've offered a treat, and Black Jack is determined to be included. She likes Dali, because his personality is about as good as it gets - active and curious, but respectful. Still, food is food, and she gives him a little glance to remind him she gets a piece too. He's fine with that.
Dali is getting a bit concerned with all that clicking and fussing. When will he get that treat?
Ah, finally!
Here is the still Autumn-flavored entrance to the trail we take most often.
Back on the street by the golf course, this struck me as a possible art shot.
Surprising how much light comes through, even on dull days.
I love when the tree is surrounded in leaves, but still has enough left on it to play a duet.
It struck me yesterday that the first Christmas tree decorations may have been inspired by Fall.
From one minute to the next, the shades and tones changed dramatically.
We took 10th avenue for two reasons. Being a last-minute sort of person, I still hadn't bought a card for Bill's niece. We were going to her baby shower in just a couple of hours. This dog, tied at the entrance to one of the stores, sniffed out the treats in my pocket. How I resisted those eyes and that paw, I'll never know, but some dogs are on special diets, so I regretfully continued on my way.
My second reason for taking 10th, was to go to a store called Changes. Now, I hate shopping for clothes. Usually, when I go to Ottawa, my sister takes me in hand, and finds enough clothes to last me until the next visit. That's the way I like it. Someone trustworthy says, "This works. Buy it." No time wasted and no thinking required. But, a couple of months ago, I dropped in at Changes, just before the school term was to begin. I had Black Jack with me, and she was welcomed. Next, this lovely employee filled exactly the role my sister has for so long. She listened carefully, and then brought me clothes that fit and felt good. While I tried them on, she played with Black Jack. The only reason I had to come back again yesterday, was that all my clothes were at school, since I bike there and change before class. Emma found me a couple of perfect additions to my original wardrobe, and again, turned the whole experience into a feel-good one. She even gave me posting permission! I left a happy camper indeed. I highly recommend any woman who hates shopping (or loves it, for that matter) to try out this store. If they're lucky, Emma will be there to help them out. You can see that Black Jack entirely approved of my shopping stop.

Finally, off to the East End for the shower. This dog was unaccompanied, but pretty clearly a neighborhood resident. I have serious problems with people who turn their dogs out and don't accompany them, but have to admit, this dog appeared to be confident and secure. I fumbled again, and failed at the pictures, but wanted to record the moment. Beautiful, beautiful head.
He wasn't worried about the camera, but after I missed several glorious opportunities, the dog decided enough was enough. More important business was at hand.
The food was as picture perfect as it was delicious.
One game was to guess the number of smarties in the jar. I didn't win, but if you care to take a guess, I'll let you know how close you were.
Another game was to have several people draw pictures of babies, and cut a hole out where the head should be. The artist then held the poster with his/her own head peeking out. A blindfolded parter had to feed a jar of baby food through the hole. The first pair to finish the jar was the winner. The clever people at this party practiced "right, left, up, down" instructions before being blindfolded, so it wasn't as messy an activity as anticipated, but still great fun to watch. Wonderful friends and a whole pile of work went into this party. And there were as many fathers as mothers, and a whole ton of kids. My idea of a great shower!

This gift was made for the baby in the 1960's. The baby's great-great-grandmother was someone who really thought ahead. It came with a beautiful letter. One of many warm moments in a good day.


  1. I love the shots you include of fall colours (and I'm really wondering about your comment on Christmas lights!)... I'm passing this one on to my grandmother, again. I know if she were a bit closer to Point Grey she'd be galavanting about in the leaves, too!

  2. No, dp. You're quite a few off but thanks for trying. I'll post the correct number tomorrow, just in case someone else wants to give it a go.

    Hello mm. Nice to see you posting again. Your musings always leave their mark on me. Hope you enjoyed Hallowe'en. Have to admit, it's my least favorite holiday of the year, but I did enjoy our students' costumes and high spirit (or was that sugar rush?)

  3. Jen says 208 and I say 198 :)

  4. Jen was the closest. The number was 226.

  5. What beautiful pictures! The leaves are absolutely beautiful, and you're right, the red leaves on the bushes look just like Christmas :) I love the pictures of the dogs you met along your walk as well... they all look so happy :)

  6. The little blanket given to our daughter,Glenys, and son-in-law,Paul, for the impending birth of our grandchild was knitted by Muriel Webster, Glenys' paternal great-great grandmother. Glenys' middle name is Muriel. How wonderful it is that we are able to gift our future generations in this way!