Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lattes and Ducks


There's a new Wicked!  I tried it out yesterday morning on the way to school.  Same great coffee and the Hornby Street location is perfect - only one block out of the way and at about the midpoint of the commute.    

Drama in the afternoon sky.  I took a few pictures in the break before the Jazz Band rehearsal. This one looking East.   

The next two looking West.

Two adorable ducks were feeding in the river behind the school.  They kept ducking:) under the water and popping up in new locations.  The waves took their cue from the sky.  
At home, much later, it was nice to visit with Bill's sister, Phyllis.  Her daughter, Glenys, is due to give birth any day (minute) now.  A first grandchild for Phyllis and exciting times for the family.  While we chatted, Black Jack enjoyed her bully stick. 


  1. That bully stick looks bigger than Black Jack!! My crew is envious!

  2. Sometimes, they are longer than her, although my main goal is to buy the thickest ones I can find because she goes through them so quickly. I try to limit her to about 20 minutes each evening, but sometimes forget and she never reminds me when times up:) They seem to keep her teeth in good shape and she sure does love them.

    Somehow, I have a feeling (just a wild guess:) that your crew does very well in the chew treat department!