Thursday, November 27, 2008


When I left for school on Thursday morning, the 27th of November, a gentle sunrise appeared as I began my descent down the Point Grey hill. Bill had left shortly before, to take his sister, Phyllis, to be with her daughter, Glenys, who was giving birth to her first child. A first grandchild for Phyllis, she could hardly contain her joy. The pinks and mauves of that sunrise were the only color warmth in an otherwise grey day, and I believe they were heralding the arrival of the beautiful boy who arrived later that afternoon.
Here he is, little Oscar Robin Luchkow Webster, with his enraputured parents, Glenys and Paul.
Here, on Saturday, when Bill and I saw him for the first time, Oscar is swaddled in the little blanket knitted specifically for her first great-great-great grandchild by Muriel Webster, Glenys' paternal great-great grandmother. As Phyllis said, "How wonderful it is that we are able to gift our future generations in this way!"
Bill hit if off really well with Oscar, who particularly enjoyed sucking on his little finger.
This is Zoe, one of the two cats who live with Glenys and Paul. She shows a gentle interest in Oscar. Meg is there in the background as well. I'm actually surprised to see her in this picture. She generally stays out of the way when visitors are present. To everyone's surprise, she hasn't shown a lot of interest in Oscar to this point.
And one more of Zoe.
I brought this stuffed elephant, perhaps more for me than for Oscar, since I had so much fun choosing it. Phyllis gamely modeled it, while Bill waited his turn. I have a good picture of him wearing the elephant, but he suggested I post our very proud and absolutely indispensable Grandma instead. He said when it was on his head, he was too tall. (Thanks, Bill. Ah, brotherly love:) I have yet to get a picture of Phyllis with her first grandchild, but will be sure to do so before she heads back to Winnipeg. Oscar has the best start to his beautiful life that any child could ask for. Welcome, lucky little boy!!!

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