Monday, June 2, 2014

Blue Highlights in our Evening walk, a Jazz Vespers performance and Tupper's Visit

Quite a few blues turned up yesterday in our evening walk, in an afternoon jazz performance and even in Tupper's morning visit.   Let's go backward in time to share some of them with Sally's Blue Monday meme.

Evening Walk Along False Creek
The light was ebbing around 8:30 but our eyes still picked up the blue in this sailboat.
Bill spotted this child's slipper.  How perfect.  Not only blue but smiling just like Sally :)  We put it back on the railing in the hopes mom will retrace her steps and find it.
 But first, we checked to see if it fit Black Jack.  Her expression told us it was a bit too large.
 But if she's in Bill's arms, she'll accept pretty well any turn of events.  Must be something to do with his blue eyes :)
 A False Creek Ferry came by.  We take them often,
 and their theme colour is definitely blue.
 The ramp to the ferry stop, a person hurrying by in a blue shirt, reflected apartment buildings,
 rippling water, a powder blue railing..
 and a little more time with the reflections added up to quite a number of blue hues.
 The ramp with access for the disabled was out of order.  I hope it will be fixed soon.
The reflections on the glass over this sign make it a bit difficult to read, but it gives an overall view of False Creek.  We live just behind David Lam Park.  The water to the left  takes you to English Bay.  I never tire of exploring the many nooks and crannies of Vancouver's seawall.
 Quayside Marina's sign becomes more and more blue under evening lights.
 Even the garbage bins get into the "blue" act.
Reflections in a blue side view mirror were just around the corner from the turnoff homeward.

We rode our bikes through city bike routes.  Here, Bill locks them up.  Phew!  His hat is blue.
After months of illness, I still have a surge of "happy" when he walks toward me looking so strong and fit.
 The concerts are free (donations accepted that go to the musicians) and open to everyone. (Bit of blue in the bell of that saxophone.)
I feel they are one of Vancouver's best kept secrets.  The blue "disabled access" signs are an important blue.  Several disabled people are regular attendees at these concerts.  The atmosphere is kept casual and low key.  Wander in, listen for a while, and slip out again is just fine.  It also absolutely warms my heart that Black Jack is not only accepted..
 but welcomed enthusiastically.  This lady (in her beautiful blue-and-orange-patterned dress) helps with the organization of Jazz Vespers, but she stopped for a few minutes of lovin'. 
Below, Kristian Alexandrov (pianist and leader of the quartet) talks with Rev. Dan Chambers, the liturgist before the performance.  Absolutely superb musicianship and some brief but intriguing words between each song from Rev. Chambers made for a stimulating and pleasureful hour.   I always leave these performances feeling refreshed both musically and intellectually.  Yesterday's concert was one of the best I've heard.
The three other members of the quartet were Joel Fountain on drums, Ben Harries on bass and Tim Porter on guitar.  This performance was unrehearsed (in the true spirit of jazz, as explained by Kristian Alexandrov) and the level of communication between the musicians was astounding to see and hear.  A lift of the eyebrows, sometimes just the slightest inclination of the head, and the melody would pass from one to the other.  I sat in awe.  
Just as they were beginning their first song, there was an ear-shattering crack and the people in the second pew had quite a rude shock when it suddenly split apart.  I've never every seen (or heard!) anything like it.  Bill terms such an event as "catastrophic failure." This man (nice of him to wear a blue shirt) had been in the broken seat.  He wasn't hurt and moved quickly to the 3rd pew.  (We were in the 1st one.)  As you can see..
 his sense of humour was in good form.
After that rather shocking moment, the musicians quickly settled into a deep focus on the music. (Note Kristian's blue cuffs.) 
 Lots of blue in those gorgeous stained glass windows.
Ben Harries performed some solos that were breathtaking.  (check out his blue light)
 A beautiful sense of comradeship.. 
 and intense communication between the musicians..
 led to such pure enjoyment..
 that everyone, including the reverend, was swept up by the mood.
 Black Jack relaxed on Bill's knees..
 and was delighted to receive some individual attention from drummer, Joel Fountain and his partner, after the performance.
I took a few shots of blue high-rises and blue skies behind..
 the church, as we prepared to get back on our bikes for the ride home.
 A last shot with only the tiniest bit of blue had to be taken to show you these delicate roses. 

Just updating you on Tupper (the seagull we have named for her upward pointing tail).
She  met me in the morning (no limp whatsoever) and followed determinedly until I shared a few of Black Jack's treats with her.
 Then she flew to her favourite lamp standard to watch over the playground in the hopes that 
chidren might drop a few morsels of their food for her.  I took these shots from our balcony..
 while Black Jack basked in the sun.
 Tupper stretched up tall whenever she thought she saw a crumb.
I'm just happy to see her alert and moving beautifully, both on land and in the sky.  Happy Monday, everyone.  Thank you to Sally for organizing all of us to pool our blues for sharing.


  1. glad tupper continues to seem normal again. lovely light in the first few photos and the rippled reflections in the water, too.

  2. Hi Carol,

    What a super time you had! (BJ told me that she prefers all four slippers.)

    A church pew breaking? Now that's a surprise for sure!

    Thanks for sharing your blues today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. Hi! What a lovely array of gorgeous photos! I am so happy to be here. Your blue shares are wonderful! I hopr you will stop by soon. Have a great week!

  4. What a lot of happy shots for a blue Monday! So many things to be thankful for -- even blue trash cans that keep us clean and tidy.

  5. I love the idea of jazz vespers! Lovely shots.

  6. What a lovely afternoon, with ferries and strolling by the water, then a delightful jazz concert. I wish I could hear them too. Thanks for sharing your blues, you found a lot.

  7. Music was definitely feast for the soul in your world recently. Wonder how the expression “feeling blue” became synonymous with feeling sad when the color looks so happy on your blog!

  8. Love your photos Carol. I also love to see Bill joining in the activities and how healthy he looks. BJ is pretty cute with her antics! It would be nice to see a photo of you from time to time too.