Friday, June 13, 2014

Oranges and Non-Oranges made a good day!

This post has two sections, one with "orange" content for Orange You Glad It's Friday and the other with non-orange content, each part of our very good day yesterday.
First, as promised, this is Mark.  We met him last weekend and he generously agreed to pose.  He obviously appreciates the wonder and energy of the colour orange. 
When I posted his "preview" pictures a few days ago, he wrote me a very nice letter.  That was much appreciated!  Private message and a dropbox link to come soon, Mark.
He not only enjoys making music, but he loves this city as much as I do.  We also share our passion for photography. I feel quite sure our paths will cross again.
This Inukshuk scene was on an electrical box by English Bay.  I thought my camera did a pretty fair job of capturing a photo of a photo.
We met this young lady yesterday.  As so often happens, I ask people their names, but by the time I do the post, my memory has failed me.  She too, was very generous..
 in sharing her "orangey" happiness with us.
 She and her companion were clearly enjoying the day as much as Bill and I were.
I took this photo after stopping for latt├ęs yesterday.  I thought it was a shade of coral, though I'm not sure my camera agreed.  Does coral count as orange? 
 I also noticed that the centres of some flowers..
 are orange.
 Bill spotted these.  Salmonberries, we thought.
 I'm not sure what these were and feel I must have just about used up the generosity of many kind blogging friends who take time to identify blooms for me.  ChrisJ, your long comment recently especially touched my heart.  I plan to private-message you very soon, but in the mean time, know that I continue to hold Haley in my heart.  I can't come across a red rose without thinking of her.  I hope her health is improving.
We celebrated Bill's birthday quietly yesterday, talking several times of the gratitude we feel for the many positives in our life.  Bill appreciated each expression of love from friends and family and he also loved the kind thoughts from bloggers near and far.  We both thank each one of you!

We biked to Stanley Park, and as so often happens, came across surprise events that seemed to pop up as though they knew we were ready for something new in our life.  Who could have anticipated this game centre set up in a parking lot by English Bay?
 Definitely time for a stopover.
Neither of us had played chess in years, and I can say for sure in my case that I wasn't very good at it when I did play.  Nevertheless, we had to give it a whirl.
 Black Jack got into the spirit too.   
Better protect that King!
This was the first time Bill and I ever played chess together.  We didn't finish the game.  At my speed, it would have taken us the rest of the day.  I think the board here is quite telling of our personalities.  Neither of us wanting to capture the others' men.  In the end, we called it a fun and definitely unique experience.  I took the photo of the Inukshuk and the young lady in the orange helmet (photos above) and then we were on our way.   
Just before we got on our bikes, Bill remarked on these trees..
 and I had to agree they were stunning against a dramatic sky.  
By the time we reached Stanley Park, sunshine had won its dual with the threatening rain.  I fell in love with this tree and especially, with the wooden bench at its foot.
 Can you see Bill?  That will give you some idea of the grandeur of the tree.  Can you imagine it in its hey day?
 Bill had opted to stop by the tree, but it was the Elephant Ear Plant across the path that had really drawn his attention.  Another perspective shot.  Do you see Bill and Black Jack?
 The grandeur of the leaves..
  backed by sunlight left both of us in awe.
 We headed along the bike path..
 but took a shadow shot first to mark the moment.
 Bill's sense of humour was in fine form.
 Morning Glories..
and sunlit grass full of buttercup highlights..
and sunny backgrounds were all part of..
 the warm fuzzy feeling that marked the moment.
Warm fuzzies are good but treats would be better!
 My big lens searched for critters here but found none.
 A domestic duck blended into pond reflections, though, 
 and pigeons on the bridge railing did their best to convince us they were as interesting as any rare species could possibly be.  
I agreed :)

Bill and Black Jack looked over the bridge before joining me on Lost Lagoon's.
 and reflections..
 and a racoon..
and Mr. Mallard..
 and an almost-missed..
 and some lined up little ducklings..
 and a Wood Duck were all fun to watch.
The mom and her ducklings decided to travel to a new spot,  
some goslings appeared,  
a goose fight ensued.. 
that appeared.. 
to be quite serious.. 
from their expressions,  
but in the end, it was more about posturing.. 
as the ducks had told us in the first place. 
Home for some supper and a wonderful piece of this beautiful cake (thank you so very much to Raven and Kathryn!) and we called it an excellent day! 
To see more touches of orange from around the world, don't forget to check out Maria's meme.  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. So many lovley photos from your town.Have a nice weekend, Nette

  2. loved all the watery scenes. and that huge old tree trunk! cute folks in orange, too. :)

  3. So many wonderful photos that I can't choose an absolute favourite. i loved the wood bench under that magnificent tree trunk. The elephant ears were exquisite and of course, the pictures of you, Bill and BJ are always highlights for me. I wish I had been there to share that cake! It looked mouthwateringly good. Lucky Bill to have so many people care about him.

  4. Another wonderful day of orange, chess, birds and beasts (fancy seeing a beaver in the middle of a huge city) topped off with a magnificent cake!!! Hugs for you both! Phyllis