Sunday, June 8, 2014

Under the bridge and in the park

After riding our bikes uphill on Thursday and Friday, we were ready for an easy day yesterday.  Our short trip along False Creek took us under the Burrard Bridge where the energy of creative minds met, mingled for a moment and moved on, enriched.  Later in the day, we walked in David Lam Park, enjoying another sort of mind-meeting.  I'll post to Sundays in My City (thank you, Claudya!) this morning to share our good Saturday.

False Creek was humming with boaters, birds..
 and family gatherings.
We had wondered about this yellow ferry, having seen it for the first time on Friday and loving its smile.  It turned out that False Creek Ferries (normally blue and white) have extended their hours and added a new boat to their fleet.  This new addition will eventually adopt the regular "uniform" but for now, will brighten everyone's day with that great smile.
This seal dove for cover or perhaps to nab a fish.  Whatever its reason, a few motor boats were travelling much too quickly.  Slow down, folks.  The wildlife and I will thank you for it.
As we neared the bridge, Rebelinx's gentle melody greeted us.  After spending 20 years of his youth on dialysis, he was celebrating the sixth birthday of his new kidney as well as the impending launch of his new CD, Destiny.  I met Rebelinx under the bridge on September 19th, 2013 while Bill was in hospital.  I had gone for a rare walk along the seawall and was greatly comforted by his music, by his spirit (that I felt more than understood since we talked very little) and by the sunset.  I took these photos at that time, though I didn't post them.

 Bill has met him now.  They both probably have many stories they could share about their experience at St. Paul's Hospital, but happily, they have each moved on in their own way.  Yesterday's photo of him will show you that he still stands in the same spot.
My big lens zoomed in on that tiny rose just to the left of his hip.  It highlights a sense of peace and healing and I thought immediate of a young girl named Haley, though her favourite rose colour would be a deeper shade of red. She is the not-quite-thirteen-year-old granddaughter of ChrisJ, a blogging friend, and is fighting her own health battle that you can read about at ChrisJ's blog.  She has a wonderful family and a whole ton of love on her side, but your prayers and/or positive thoughts could add a much-needed boost right now.  I dedicate this rose to her and her family today.  You are in our hearts, Haley!
Rebelinx will be one of the musicians performing this evening in East Vancouver.  In the House Festival is highlighting a great many local talents.  I don't know if Bill and I will be able to attend, but I surely do love the idea of this festival.  
Rebelinx gains inspiration from the setting,
his friends (he told us that his blue shoes in this photo were brought all the way from Brazil for him after he had expressed sadness about the loss of the pair he had worn previously),
and the bridge itself.  
He loves the sound, 
adding that he has been told he could earn more in a different location, but for him, it isn't about the money.  He plays for the love of the music and knows that focusing on..
the money would detract from that pleasure.  Something to think about for all of us.
Bill lifted Black Jack into her basket for the trip back home.  I caught this photo by accident and love the image of that whisper (or is it a kiss) into her ear before setting her down.
We had just walked the bikes a few steps when Bill remarked on the size of this tree..
and I wanted to record our perspective of its immensity..
and beauty.
That led to some views taking in..
a bit more of the action..
and the spirit around us.
It seemed we just couldn't leave.  There was this kind gentleman in orange.  
I'll post more photos of him on Friday for Orange You Glad It's Friday, but his kindness in posing was a part of our day.
There was also this gentleman.  Bill saw him and knew I had been wanting to feature a unicyclist for a while.  Trip home delayed again, but totally worth it :)  He took time to talk about the brake he has designed himself,
something that is lacking on most unicycles.
He also shared his wonderful smile, 
answered Bill's questions about the tires,
and letting me take photos to my heart's content.
He even went back up the slight incline so I could..
get some shots of him riding towards us.  Don't you just love this one?
And this one?  Comfortable in his own skin and loving the day. 
He did one more run for me before leaving.  This time, I'm showing you a bit of the effort and arm work required to establish a flow at the onset.  (At least, that's my thought, with absolutely no experience, and none expected in the future :) to back my assumption.
I think I've put the better photos in my post, but there are more, so if you see these, Mr. U (I'm sorry I've forgotten your name..  but definitely not your spirit!), you can get in touch with me..
via the blog for the others.  Thank you for adding to our very good day!
A few more pictures delayed our trip yet a bit more, with one more wheel style,
some irresistible smiles..
and then an lbb's (thanks, EvenSong :) acrobatic skills..
adding to the sights.. 
in the area.  We said "good-bye" ..
to the Bushtit (I think.  Still thinking of you, EvenSong :), now right side up, and finally rode home with no more stops.
My last photos of the day were after supper.  Tupper had paid us a visit and..
and though disaster was narrowly averted..
she recovered quickly and came right back..
for more treats.
Watching her communication..
with Bill was..
pure delight.
She listened intently here before bidding us goodnight.
The sun was setting but there was just enough time..
for a quick run..
that was fun for..
the three of us.  You will have to trust that I was having a great time behind the camera.  Many beings, human and otherwise, made our day a beautiful one and getting to share it with Sundays in My City just makes it that much better.  Thank you, all!  Until tomorrow. 


  1. tupper is adorable. :) loved meeting the gentlemen w/ the sax and the unicycle! sweet ferry boat smile. and always black jack and bill. :)

  2. What a wonderful day! I loved the pictures the saxophone player and the unicyclist, the huge tree and the conversation with Tupper!! Perhaps I will meet T the next time I come!! The pictures of that massive tree are very impressive. I wonder how old it is? Hugs for you both and pats of Black Jack! Phyllis

  3. Yes, wonderful, funny pictures, I love that beautiful place to walk, a nice collection of photos in the park!

  4. What a post, full of interesting and funny images.
    Here in Helsinki it's not allowed to feed birds, they steal people's food, ice cream etc. plus it's not nice to sit in a cafe/terrace when a huge (or more than one) gull is flying up and down, ready to attack to your sandwich! :)