Thursday, June 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Bill!

Today, Bill turns 70.  Though he recognizes that that is a landmark birthday, he tells me he would like it to be a day like any other day.  Big celebrations make him uncomfortable and I respect that.  However, I need to record here that the day of his birth is a big deal to me.  It's a big deal to Black Jack too.  
It took a long time before I met the love of my life and there were times in the past year when I feared I would lose him to some very serious health challenges.  I celebrate his gentle spirit, keen sense of humour and sharp intelligence every day that I am with him, but 70 years ago today, he was born, and the world became a richer place. Happy Birthday, Bill.  May we quietly but definitively celebrate many more days and years together.  I love you!
While my habit has been to take you through our days with photos in order of happening, today, I'm putting all the ones with Bill in them at the beginning of the post. There are lots of fences throughout that I would like to share with TexWisGirl's meme, Good Fences. Thanks, Theresa, for bringing the fences and people who notice them together each Thursday.

Waiting while I take pictures of fences
 Waiting while I take pictures of geese
 Enticing Tupper to take a treat from his hand in a new location and from a new position.
Tupper said, "I'm not so sure why you are kneeling.  Let me think about that." 
 I'd rather follow you to our usual spot.
 "Okay, that's better.  Thank you very much!"
 Bill joins a group playing with some drones.
Though drones are not my thing, I celebrate his interest in "guy stuff"again.  Yay, Bill!
(Pictures of the drones closer to the end of the post.)
Here's a bit of a rundown of the rest of our day.
Early morning visit from Tupper.
The tide marker..
 is a new landing spot for her.

 She landed perfectly..
at the top of the steps.
We biked downtown to see the movie, Chef.  I noticed this fence around a garden on top of a building across from the theatre.
 We liked the movie.  You can read some interesting information about it here.
I tried to capture a fence in this screen shot but it changed to a less interesting angle just as I snapped.  I like the food truck, though.  All in all, a good movie choice for us yesterday.
 Biking home, Bill knew I would want to capture updates..
 on the goslings and their families along the bike route.
The orange fences outside the Cirque de Soleil vans..
 also caught my eye.  What sort of fence is open at both ends?  :)
 One more stop to try and show just how many geese enjoy that section of False Creek.
 We enjoyed beautiful light during.. 
 our walk later.. 
in the evening.
 Bikes and fences together.  That's gotta' be good :)
 Tupper flew in to say good night.
 The sky changed as we watched..
 to tangerine and pink shades.
The moon and sky were spectacular.
 scene, and still some fences to be found.
 Hard to stop taking photos.
 Just this one last one to show the stripes.
 Coming down the steps to the path home, the hearts..
 must have been put there for Bill.
 Good night, Tupper.
 The promised drone and one of the fellows enjoying the show.
 Flying high..
 before coming in..
to an impressively smooth..
And a few photos of False Creek..
 that I forgot to post last week.  Don't forget to check out Theresa's meme
Happy Birthday, Bill.  I love you!


  1. aww! happy birthday to bill! sweet tupper. love the chalk hearts. :) thanks for linking all the fencery!

  2. Happy Birthday Bill. Are you sure it was 70 years ago - I would have guessed at 50!

  3. Give my Happy Birthday regards to Bill - love that photo of the two of you! <3 And of course don't we live in an awesome city (well, you do - I'm in the 'burbs, but they're great, too!)

  4. Happy Birthday to Bill! Lovely photos of Bill and you! I love the seagull shots and the beautiful sky captures..Wonderful fence shots. Have a great evening and weekend ahead!

  5. Happy birthday to Bill! may he have an awesome birthday month.

  6. Happy Birthday to you … Happy Birthday to you … Happy Birthday dear Bill … Happy Birthday to yoooooou! Our warmest best wishes, Maria and Bill

  7. A very happy 70th to Bill from Jean, Eddie, Shiloh, Mitzi and Allie!

  8. Happy birthday, Bill! We are now the same age... for six weeks! I hope you have my card now. Hugs for you both, Phyllis
    PS May I have a print of the family portrait for my birthday?

  9. Happy birthday, Bill! Enjoyed seeing the interaction with Tupper. I have feeders in my backyard, and this past winter was so, well, wintry, the gulls kept circling. I pulled out a cookbook for feathered friends and invited 50 or so to brunch a few times. It was quite fun to see them--and get some photos.

  10. What a wonderful photo of the three of you! Happy birthday, Bill! My sister turns 70 next month. We will be in Hawaii with her and my niece so will have a special celebration. Love that photo.