Saturday, June 14, 2014

Critters and people in our good day yesterday.

There were many wonderful critters in our day yesterday and there were also some very important people.  I'll share those with readers who love their critters and who reach out to their fellow humans across the world via two entertaining memes, Camera Critters (thank you, Misty!) and Saturday's Critters (thank you, Eileen!).

In the morning, a Canada Goose and a Blue Heron fished by the False Creek wall.
 A sparrow was finding food in the wall itself.
 Rain was threatening, but even in poor light, the heron's features were striking.
 Fishing is such an intense activity.  I guess we could all learn a thing or two about focus..
 from these beautiful creatures.
 The heron left but a cormorant arrived.  
 It flew in to land on a sculpture just as a False Creek Ferry was going by.
 I find the sequence of steps in a cormorant's landing..
 a little bit comical..
 but also extraordinary.
 It's a big deal when the young ones figure out how to get their feet firmly planted on that relatively small railing.  From there, they can let their wings dry and prepare for more dives.  The ferry had almost passed through the photo in the time it took to show the sequence.
 I stopped on the way home to catch these delicate little flowers.  So pretty!
After lattés and treats later in the afternoon, Bill and I biked under the Cambie Bridge to one of our favourite spots along False Creek.  I loved the sweet smell of these blossoms almost as much as the Red-winged Blackbird did.
 The bees were enjoying these blossoms just beside the lupins.  Same family perhaps?
 The sun had won out over the threatening rain, and these yellow flowers celebrated.
 So far, I haven't seen any inhabitants in the bird boxes, but I'll continue to check on them.
These really orange blossoms couldn't be ignored.  I'll save my other photos of them for the "Orange You Glad It's Friday" meme.
 Fences and bridge walls seem to provide a lot of sustenance for birds.
 This Redwing marched across the rock..
 and then flew up to a branch, where he proceeded..
to make me smile..
with his dancing contortions in the name of a good grooming.
I have been wanting to see a hummer this season, but up until yesterday, not a one graced the spots where I looked.  Bill spotted this one before me and just said, in his sweetly excited voice, "Pointing...!!!"  He indicated exactly where I should look but I have such a hard time (my eyes are a bit of a story for another post) following another person's gaze.  My job was made harder by a lot of branches and greenery, and when I did finally see it, my camera couldn't distinguish it enough to do a focus.  The hummer (Anna's?) finally flew to a branch with a bit of clear space around it.  By the time I got the focus, I was afraid to step either way, but as you can see, this leaf was obstructing a view of its eye.  I kept the photo, because it's the only one that shows the bill in a sort of "crossed" position.  No time to check in my book but wondering about this.  Perhaps, some one will be able to add to my (limited) knowledge.
"The branch is in my way," I whispered to Bill.
"Try stepping very slowly to your left," he responded.  :)
"Oh yeah," I said.  
I crept to my left, very afraid the hummer would leave or that I would lose the focus.
 Slowly, slowly, I crept another step to the left..
 and just managed to get a clear shot before it was on its way.  Thank you, Bill!!!
 Bill held this flower up so I could get a shot of it.  So delicate!  
 I admired the various..
postures (is that flower laughing at me?)..
 and shapes (that one is definitely winking) of the roses and then we were on our way.
We made a quick stop at the community centre.  The air had cooled just a bit and Black Jack loves to be warm.  She waits here for Bill to return.  She's looking down at the treat bag, trying to tell me it's much more interesting than the camera.
 When I don't come through with a treat, she stares hopefully in the direction Bill went.
 Ah, there he comes!
 Carol: "He's so handsome and strong!"
 Black Jack: "I hope he has a treat!"
After supper, we went out for another evening walk.  These crows (on Tupper's lamp post) were beak to beak but by the time I got the photo, had separated.  (Tupper is "our" seagull.)
 The tide was high.  
 Tupper flew in but was bothered by other seagulls and wouldn't stop for a treat.
Our neighbour, Pamela, was out for a walk as well with her sweet adopted dog, Shadow.  I think Shadow is about 9 years old, but Pam may read this and correct me.  I think they have been together a few months.  Shadow's ears had lifted off and I was hoping to get a "flying" shot.  However, they settled down a bit just as I snapped. 
 BB (short for Big Boss) arrived.  As you can see, he's not actually all that bossy..
 but he sure is cute and he's also..
 about the most enthusiastically happy dog..
  I've ever, ever..
 met.  (I did a little photo editing here to keep this a family-friendly blog :)
 All of the humans involved could only giggle helplessly.  Aren't critters wonderful?  
 BB and his human left and I took a few moments to really enjoy Shadow's cuteness.
 A treat was graciously accepted..
 and appreciated.
 I thought you might like to meet Pamela and asked her to pose with Bill and Black Jack.  She's a delightful neighbour.. 
 but I'm betting it would have taken a lot longer to get to know her if it hadn't been for Shadow's encouragement.  Aren't critters wonderful?
 Bill, Black Jack and I walked on, noting the beautiful light..
 and then, once more, found ourselves meeting up with BB, who clearly..
believed we were old friends.  You're right, BB.  We do see you as a friend now, and soon will find out your human's name too.  She was so very kind to let us photograph you!
 Tupper returned, this time, almost ready to accept some treats.
 We said good-bye to BB, who was moving at lightening speed on to his next conquest..
and spent a moment observing a gull that may or may not be Tupper's mate.  What we know for sure is that Tupper does not want him around when she's accepting treats from us.  They don't fight, but she leads him away and then returns for her treats afterwards.
 While Tupper was leading "Mr. T" away, I oohed and ahed over the reflected light.
 Tupper tried again, but this time was harassed by a crow.
 Finally, all was clear and she happily accepted quite a handful of treats from Bill.
We've been observing this very important person for a few days.  Last evening, I asked if he would mind if I took some photos and wrote about him on my blog.  He graciously accepted.
 He wanted to keep working..  
and apologized that he had to move pretty quickly.
That was fine with me.  His movements are quick for sure, and almost dance-like.
The next time we meet, I will ask his name, but for now, I will only say that..  
our small part of the world..  
 is greatly enhanced by his presence!
Thank you so much for sharing in our day.  To read about critters in the lives of great people around the world, don't forget to check out those memes hosted by Misty and Eileen.


  1. i hope the gent's luck turns around. i loved the handsome heron, cormorant and red-wing. cute black jack and her pup pals, as well. :) lovely blooms and happy bees - and a hummer!

  2. Fantastic photos, especially of the heron! Looks like it was a great day!

  3. Wow, what a fun walk and a great post, Carol! I love all the birds and the cute puppy dogs.. And Black Jack is always a favorite.. Thank you for linking up with my critter party. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Great pictures! I wish I could get a picture of a humming bird that close, they always fly away before anything. How cool that Black Jack waits in the back of the bike!

  5. Beautiful series of photos ~ favorite, of course, is your dogs ~ gems! for CC ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. I am so interested in Tupper. I wonder if there might be some Tupplets one day!!!! Phyllis

  7. I know how quickly birds dart about, especially the red winged bird. You certainly did an amazing job of capturing wildlife and doggy life in action! Black Jack looks so cozy in the basket wrapped in a blanket.

  8. Lovely post with a lot of great photos.

  9. I've just found your blog. Your photos are wonderful ! My favorite is the photo of Black Jack.
    He is so sweet :)

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    Great photos and stories on your blog.
    Have a nice week,