Friday, June 27, 2014

People and Pups

On Thursdays, I look around me for the colour orange.  Maria's meme, Orange You Glad It's Friday, is a fun one that has become a part of the way I see my world.

Black Jack's bed is a sort of tan colour, but when she lies in the sun on our balcony, I think it takes on orange hues, 
and when the sun pours in through the balcony doors as it did yesterday, I see orange highlights in her eyes and across the top of her head.  There is lots of grey showing up lately as well. I'm determined to celebrate it :)
We saw the movie "The Jersey Boys" yesterday, and loved it.  Both the music and the story have been playing through my mind ever since.  Clicking on the video while you read the rest of this post will give you a taste of their music.  I was surprised that the ratings weren't higher at the Rotten Tomatoes web site, but here's one review that expresses my response.

I took a few screen shots during the movie.  This one of Erich Bergen in the role of Bob Gaudio is my favourite.  One of the reviewers hated the colour tones in this movie, and I'll admit there wasn't much orange :)  but I loved the feeling of old photographs..  
and oranges did show up here and there if you looked carefully at the..
backgrounds and lighting.  
We biked to and from the movie and my camera spent most of its time hidden away.  It was well into the evening when some subtle but fun oranges..
earned their way into this post.  These gentlemen..
were very kind about letting me take (and post) photos of their tightrope practice session.
My favourite shots were..
the ones where.. 
they struggled..
and sometimes fell..
off their tenuous perch.  Bill handed out my blog address while Black Jack..
thought there was only limited interest in the sport of tightrope walking.
On or off the rope, this fellow managed..
to look..
amazingly graceful.
This fellow was the only one to walk all the way across the rope..
but as with the others, my favourite shots..
are the teetering ones.  
There I am in Bill's jacket with the green ribbon that we put on for St. Patrick's day and never took off.  I was happy, 
and very grateful..
 to the gentlemen..  
for providing..
such a great show.
Bill and Black Jack weren't bad either :)
The show over, we continued our walk along the edge of False Creek. Bill drew my attention to this orange in the water.  I hate seeing garbage in the water and almost didn't take the photo, but somehow, the water patterns that I hadn't seen until the lens brought them out made the orange look beautiful.
I turned after taking the photo and noticed a group around the gentleman sitting on the ledge.  
Black Jack had spotted him first.  She loves Joe.  He and his dog, Jimmy, are very popular residents in our apartment building.  Complete strangers stop by to talk with him, and it often seems that he knows absolutely everyone in the neighbourhood.  Have you ever noticed how dogs seem to get the best massages whenever they desire one?  Those people on the right were strangers who simply couldn't walk by.   
I love this!
Shadow suddenly slipped into the photo.  He's another much loved resident of our building.
Also rescued, and about as cute as a "bug's ear" (that expression straight from my sister's repertoire :)..
he and his human, Pamela, are always a delight to meet.
Bill talked with them while I wandered off to seek out this dog with wonderful orange highlights and a human with perfect shoes.
There's Shadow again. 
Don't forget me!
Don't believe that stuff about blonds having more fun.
I hope I've remembered correctly that the lovely blond's name was Kabe.  His human was also very kind  about posing for photos.  Shadow moved to the front but kept right on going..
so I took a moment to compare oranges.
Why is that lady following us?
Shadow: I'm still here..
and I will do just about whatever you ask as long as you recognize my very big personality.
Joe talks on a variety of subjects and his expressions..
are a photographer's delight.
His dog, Jimmy, always listens attentively to the topic of the day and I do believe he has a little orange to share with us as well.
Bill and I love where we live.  Good people, good pups, and good humour all around us.
Before we turned in for the night, we walked around the train museum, and caught just..
a bit more orange in the window reflections around Engine 374.
The Roundhouse, on the other side of the museum, also had some soft orange lighting that concluded a day filled with warm highlights.  For more orange, don't forget to check out Maria's meme.  It's a good one.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. my connection is too slow today to load all your pics. but tightrope walkers are not something you see every day!

  2. The jersey Boys is my favourite musical and I have been to see it 3 times. I am hoping to see the movie soon as I just love the music. Those tightrope shots are really good.

  3. You have an enormous sense of humor Carol, looking at the attempts on the tightrope! To get back to you about your question if I ever published the novel - I'm through my first draft. But I read from other people, that the whole process of writing up to people having the book in their hands is about 3-5 years, especially the first book. Rowlings was rejected more than 90 times, before a publisher took her first book! (If I had known that before, I probably wouldn't have started, but now I'm in the middle ...)

  4. Dogs really are a man's/woman's best friend! There are so many cute furry friends in this blog post, cuteness overload! I really want to see the Jersey boys when it comes out over here :)

  5. So I'm wondering if that was Stanley Park....hubby and I were just there last week, biked around the path...Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. What a fun day! I met Joe when I visited. He was memorable because of his warm and engaging personality.
    Bill has become a fabulous PR person!

  7. Looking for orange has become fun for me, too. It's an important part of the color wheel. Yours are very clever. xo Jenny

  8. Fun set of pictures! Sometimes I photograph orange cloth and it comes out red!