Monday, June 30, 2014

Lots of Happy Blues

Only Bill's eyes are blue in this photo; I was testing out my broken but gamely struggling camera and liked this shot too much to skip.  The camera problem persists (sporadic difficulties are the worst) but delightful blues, fun critters and happy humans were still recorded yesterday that I'm pleased to share with Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme.  
This is my favourite lamp, bought at a thrift store (testing the camera).     
Bill spotted this hydrangea bloom hiding at the back of a hedge as we walked homeward in the afternoon after lattés at Harrison Galleries. 
 We rounded a corner to see these tiny Chihuahuas (maybe half the size of Black Jack)..
 eager to do a play-dance as long as Black Jack was sufficiently respectful.  I missed the shot of them nose-to-nose, and blue is a bit hard to come by, but they sure were cute!  
Mrs. Mallard was waiting by a fountain where ducks are seldom seen.  We wondered if she was unwell, or whether she may have been about to lay eggs.
This board had been carefully placed beside her.  A kind human, I'm guessing, wanted to be sure she could make it safely into the water if necessary.
 Some flowers, 

 some reflections in False Creek, 
 and then a happy meet-up with Uli and Dolce.  I never get over appreciating how our dogs help us to interact with people we might otherwise never meet.
Uli was talking with Eva and her dog, Frankie.  They had never met before, one more proof of the way dogs give us an excuse to get to know each other.  Eva is an artist; you can see some of her beautiful work at this link.  
Her husband, Zbigniew Kupczynski, is also an artist.  You can watch him painting at this link. We were excited to learn that their work can be seen at Harrison Galleries where they apparently drink coffee every morning.  Bill and I go there many, many afternoons.  What a small world!
 As Uli, Eva and Kupczynski talked (he is referred to as Kupczynski at his site, rather than by his given name, so I will follow suit for now), I took photos,
 feeling immensely happy that everyone was comfortable with the camera.
 This lady joined us.  I never learned her name, but Black Jack had a serious conversation with her.  Her tattoo says, "Live your dreams.  The time is now."  Good words to live by.
 Frankie greeted..
 the lady's two Daschunds (there seem to be many spellings of that breed)..
 while Black Jack asked what we all thought of her lovely profile.
 There was a sweetness to this dog that I loved..
 and I saw that quality as well in his/her companion.
 I loved Eva's dress and she was happy to let me do a close-up.  Though I've forgotten where she told me the dress came from, I remember clearly how delighted I felt when she said that she hoped to get at least another couple of years of wear out of it.  I loved a bit of wisdom shared by her that "Perfection is just an excuse for procrastination."  When I mentioned that to Bill this morning, he agreed, quoting the Russian proverb,  "Best is the enemy of good." 
I love the photo of the unnamed lady and her dog against a light blue sky.
 Uli and Kupczynskiart had an animated conversation..
 as did Bill and Eva.
 The dogs alternated between searching the ground for smells and edibles, and checking..
 that all was well with their humans.
 We said good-bye to our new friends and I caught the soles of a jogger as he ran by.
 Constantly changing reflections..
 were hard to resist, 
 and the English translation of Henry Tsang's art seemed especially meaningful: ".. future it be now.. here you begin live like new.. come to time where people talk different but good together.. if you heart mind open you receive new knowledge..." 
 We've been watching this White-crowned sparrow sing his/her heart out for weeks and I was happy to finally catch a photo.  
 Joe, another neighbour, appeared and we introduced him to Uli.  I watched the changing..
 sky and was happy in my world..
 of beautiful people and..
Bill smiled.  I knew he was happy too.
 The Jazz Festival (posted about yesterday) continued but the noise had become more music-like, at least from a distance, and I liked the array of bikes parked nearby.
 This was litter left on our apartment building's porch, but at least it was blue :)
 Later in the evening, we walked again, and this time, ventured near the jazz festival stage.
 The members of The Belle Game were doing a sound check.
 I could see that the quality of sound was very important to the tech people and to the..
 musicians.  I continue to wonder why..
 they feel it necessary to play at such an ear-splitting volume..
 but Black Jack wasn't worried..   
and both Bill and I found this last concert (some shots are from an overhead screen)..
to have wonderful aspects..
that were best appreciated..
 a bit further.. 
 from the stage.
Though we can't claim to feel sorry the jazz festival is over, we do admit having survived and even having enjoyed it a little bit.  
 We walked on, enjoying the sky,
 some weeds,
 a few more reflections..
 and some wonderful flowers on the porch of our building.  Happy Blue Monday, everyone!


  1. lovely reflections! glad you survived the music festival. lots of friendly folks and their dogs. nice you got to meet some artists that display at harrison's.

  2. Hello Carol,

    You have the best days! I love the way dogs bring us together. We have had several dachshunds. They are such darlings. I really enjoyed seeing these. Thanks for making Blue Monday special.

    I'm looking forward to reading your comment on my blue post. Please come back.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. That musician looks like a bearded Ron Howard!! Love the chihuahuas and Mrs. Mallard.

  4. I love the gathering of dogs and their humans! Phylli

  5. Your pics are so much telling a story - each of them! I love that:) Also your reflection pics are amazing, Carol! Thanks for connecting with me today (Monday):)

  6. You always have such wonderful pictures and interesting dialogue, Carol. You really meet a lot of nice people -- and their dogs. I'm not nearly so social, so sometimes I wish I could come along with you to break he ice, so to speak. I still think Black Jack is the most beautiful dog of them all -- and Bill the handsomest human!!!

  7. Your water reflections are fascinating, they look like paintings. What fun all the dogs and owners were having together. Little Dolce is so cute, Black Jack seems so well-behaved and laid back, listening to the concert. I like the blue Hydrangeas, I lost all mine to cold a few years ago, now I have a couple of tougher Hydrangeas but not as pretty. I haven't been up to Vancouver BC for a while, lovely city.

  8. This was such a great post to start the week. I'm happy to see the three of you out and about meeting so many interesting people and their animals.
    Bill, you look great, but a blue T-shirt imprinted with "I Survived the Jazz Festival" might make your Blue Monday style even better..

  9. Love the reflections and so many small dogs ,lovley ,nette