Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Crossword #10, walks, talks and thoughts.

My world yesterday had some walking/biking, some talking/thinking, and some time relaxing by the water with Bill and Black Jack.  I'm happy to share our good day with Our World Tuesday (thank you to ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy, and Jennifer for hosting this very successful meme).

We completed our 10th crossword puzzle (and our 2nd New York Times one) since beginning them a few months ago.  Bill did almost all of it himself, but insisted I be the one to pose with the proof this time.   
There are always new sights at Harrison Galleries.  Sometimes, we're not sure if they were there all the time but only noticed on that particular day, or whether they have been added quietly overnight.  This beautiful lantern caught Bill's eye yesterday and reminded both of us of a time in our youth when they were brought out during power outages.  I remember the warm light around our kitchen table and the sense of mystery in the air.
As we sat with the Globe and Mail's crossword on the table, a few articles in the paper struck me almost as revelations.  Buffy Sainte-Marie talked about her song, "Universal Soldier" and how it is important to separate the moment of inspiration from the editing.  She credited Nathalie Goldberg's book "Writing Down the Bones" with solidifying that idea in her mind.  The thought that we not censor an idea when it jumps into our mind, but later must put a lot of work into it before presenting it to a reader or listener, makes sense to me (although I don't as yet do that with my blog).  As Buffy said, "I worked on Universal Soldier like a college student looking for an A.  What you're trying to do with a song with social meaning like that one is to put it in a form that's attractive to people - you don't want to give it to them in an enema."  Those words made me smile but they also stayed with me, as did her song.  Perhaps you will find some time to listen to it.  For me, it is all tied up with my other revelation yesterday that came from an article right next to Buffy's.  All things brain-related catch my attention, and Dr. Margot Taylor's research showing unique brain-imaging patterns for people with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder jumped out at me almost as vividly as do birds flying across the sky (significant comparison, if you know me).  In the article about that research, I learned that 100's of British soldiers were executed for showing the symptoms of shell shock.  "Executed?" I thought.  Surely that is a misprint.  They must mean "dismissed" or "discharged" - not executed.  Bill set me straight on that one.  Oh. My. Goodness!  What we have done to our fellow man in the name of pride! If you listen to this song, you will see a whole range of comments (some not really meant for this family friendly blog) that show night and day differences in the way we understand each other.  Just a few of the things that I was thinking about yesterday from the vantage point of someone who, as Bill reminded me, has been fortunate to be born into a generation and a country that has never had to go to war.

I'll share the rest of our day with less commentary in the hopes that some of it will bring a smile or trigger some sense of familiarity with your own worlds.

Vancouver parks are so very green right now, and Black Jack's silly antics in the grass always bring laughter.   
She broke the rules of the game here, choosing suddenly to run to the side and not directly to me.  When Bill called her, she came right back to him and..
started over, this time, "flying" along her path to me.
The camera captures many expressions in just a second or two.  She looks serious here..
but a moment later, makes me laugh with her goofy happiness.
After her run, she and Bill sat on this ledge, looking at..
the pirate ship,
and the costumed sailors..
wielding their weapons in a recreated adventure for a party celebration. 
We watched the kayakers,
and the boating-dogs,
and admired this art piece  by Doug R. Taylor called Khenko, celebrating the return of Blue Herons to False Creek.  "Khenko" is the Coast Salish word for heron.
While Bill and Black Jack watched the False Creek goings on, 
I watched them.
Each nuance in the way Black Jack's ears moved,
or Bill's expression changed,
felt fascinating to me.
Bill felt my camera and and laughed.  He has become used to the black box's stares.
Black Jack was oblivious.
All was right with her world.
Little feet, 
with freshly clipped nails.
The houseboats..
and the boating dogs (wish this guy would slow down)..
and the cormorants..

and the geese..

and the oh-so-pale moon..
and the shimmering light in the trees..
and the kayakers..
and one more boating dog who seemed..
to be communing in the most beautiful way with his/her human, kept us entertained.  
We finally got back on our bikes and moseyed along home, but came back out again..  
 after supper..
to admire..
 a whole lot of different flowers..
that seemed new..  
and unique.
These roses..
peeking over a tall fence, were caught as..
Bill guided my hand.  That concluded a peaceful and beautiful day.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  For a glimpse into other people's worlds, head on over to Our World Tuesday.


  1. i think black jack needs a boat ride! as long as bill was holding her, i think she'd be pleased to go anywhere. :)

  2. Cryptic crosswords are way beyond my grey cells.

  3. In a world where real pirates still abound it is nice to see this fun "Disney" styled pirate ship out and about on the water. A day doesn’t go by in Vancouver when there is not something new and interesting to capture. Glad you are out there with camera in hand recording daily life in this vibrant city. :)

  4. All of your photos are so perfect! The moon photo is stunning, I can never get a good shot of the moon, I guess I don't have a good enough camera. The pirate ship is great! A-hoy there!

  5. Beautiful series, a feast for the eyes Carol.