Wednesday, June 11, 2014

V for Valor and for Value

V for Valour.  That is my first thought this morning as ABC Wednesday comes around to the letter V.  Constables Doug Larche, Dave Ross and Fabrice Gevaudan, respectively 40, 32 and 45, gave their lives last week to keep "us" safe.  I thank them from the bottom of my heart and extend my deepest condolences to their grieving loved ones.  

A senseless crime happened in our neighbourhood yesterday.  Again, V for Valour comes to my mind.  Paul Dragan, the owner of Reckless Bike Stores, was shot by someone wanting to "get even" after a supposed injustice.  Paul remains in hospital this morning in (I believe) stable but critical condition.  Valour was shown by the police and medical people who came to his aid and by others who were nearby and did their best to help in whatever way they could.  I yearn for the day when settling differences with violence will be in the past.  That will be the only way to find some sort of victory in these sad stories.  In the mean time, I thank those who put their lives on the line to keep us safe, and extend my heartfelt wishes for a full recovery for Paul and for peace in the hearts of all who suffer. 

Valuing every precious minute with loved ones seems more vital than ever in the wake of these stories.  Below, a photo taken about an hour after the shooting shows people going about their day, many shocked and saddened.  
Though Bill and I live minutes away from where the shooting happened, we heard nothing.  Our walk later in the afternoon showed continued investigations that we realized would take up the greater part of the day.  
A window in this apartment building had been hit by a bullet.
This is a sidestreet that we walk or bike along daily.
Black Jack knew nothing of the tragedy.  She just wanted to say "hi" to some of the people around and when she saw CTV news anchor, Tamara Taggart, she walked right into her welcoming arms.  I didn't take pictures, but Tamara helped her into the van..
where she and another television employee gave her belly and neck rubs.  I was deeply touched.  
Media people prepared equipment for interviews and news presentations.
A sign on the bike store window.
The rest of these photos were of things that made us smile or in some way caught our attention during that walk and during another one later in the evening.

There's a V here, but there's something else that caught our attention.  Can you see it?
Here it is, a bit closer, and from a different angle.
I'm sure it has a story to tell..
but since that will remain a mystery, we made one up.  Perhaps you will find your own story about that shoe.  All are good, as long as they make you smile :)
So gentle.  So delicate. 
CBC news preparations.

John Daly (2nd from right), of Global news, is not only a reporter but a friend of Paul Dragan. 
He prepares for an interview here.  It was clear that he was deeply shaken.
I saw a heart in these beautiful blooms that seemed to have sprung up overnight.  
We walked in the evening along the False Creek shore at low tide and I valued..
every second of beauty..
and peace..
and love.
Each unique rock..
and even the redness of the dragon boat..
seemed significant.
Bill made a little joke about this and we laughed and laughed.
Thank you, Bill, for sharing the good times and the sad times with me.
Black Jack made us laugh too.
I love them both.
The sunset was a gentle one..
with just the tiniest hints of rose and mauve.
A "V" shape brings back the thought of bravery.  Even as i took the photo, 
members of the police force were walking side by side, covering each patch of grass in their search for evidence.
We rounded the corner..
to our building, a neighbour to these much taller high-rises, each with 100's of stories..
locked within.  We must be kind to each other.  It is the only way.  My sister sent a small email, her 5th or 6th of the day.  She told me that she and her grandchild have been singing Willie Nelson's song together, "I'll take you everywhere I go."
 The lyrics are: 
I'll take you with me everywhere I go
Put you in my pocket who will know
Right next to my heart at every show
I'll take you with me everywhere I go.
As my sister said, "It makes us smile and I hope it makes you smile too."  Well, I love her for that thought and for so many other reasons. It did make me smile, so now I pass it on to you and to all of the ABC Wednesday folk who work hard to let us share our thoughts worldwide.


  1. i hope the bike shop owner can recover! emotionally, i'm not sure how you really would.

  2. People are just crazed lately, I don't think they have any foundation to stand on and don't see any hope of a better life. It's so tragic that the three police lost their lives. I've always liked Willie Nelson, he will be in our city this summer for an outdoor concert.

  3. What an awesome song with words that are profound! We do carry people with us wherever we go when they are on our minds and in our hearts. Sadly, the dear ones who were robbed of life now live on only in pockets (as Willie Nelson says in song) of the loved ones they left behind.

  4. The shootings in New Brunswick was big news even in the US because we are almost inured by out regular spate of school shootings...

    ROG, ABC Wednesday

  5. Sometimes you're in my pocket, sometimes you're firmly attached to my hip as I struggle through a tough day. You, Bill and BJ are always in my heart exactly where you belong.

    I heard the New Brunswick accused shooter described as an "injustice collector" and it rang true to me. The words came back as I read about the latest tragedy in Vancouver that struck so close to your home. I choose to remember the names of the victims, and am comforted that so many people stepped forward to provide help and support at a time when they must have been very frightened.

    I love you.

  6. Your blog is a study in contrasts -- man's evil ways and Nature's gentle, sweet beauty. I have to remind myself of the kindness of many when we are so bombarded with shocking events. Your flowers are beautiful and camera viewpoint, inspired.

  7. A thoughtful and thought-provoking post. Thank you. Phyllis