Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Crossword #11, Bollywood and other Southeast False Creek Sights

Bill and I don't have all that many haunts around Vancouver, but every outing seems to bring brand-new discoveries, and they are all the richer to me as I celebrate each one in light of his steadily improving health.  I'll share our day yesterday with Our World Tuesday.  Thank you to ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy and Jennifer, the hardworking hosts of that fine meme.

We worked hard to complete our 11th crossword puzzle.
I helped too!
 I checked your spelling,
 offered suggestions,
 showed Bill how to wear his glasses right-side up,
 and encouraged you to record your accomplishment.
 Thanks, Black Jack.  I thought they felt a bit strange this way.
 We rode our bikes past the Contemporary Art Gallery after that, and stopped..
 to try to figure out what these signs meant.  We learned that the gallery is closed on Mondays but I hope to return, perhaps even today.  Stay tuned for updates.  
From the museum, we headed to Southeast False Creek where Bill stopped again, this time because he thought I might like to find out more about this movie shoot.  If you look way over to the left side of this picture, you might be able to spot Bill looking after Black Jack in her basket while I investigate.
The vehicle on wheels was interesting and no one seemed to object to my presence so I decided to ask some questions.
 Bill and Black Jack (centre, back of the photo) waited and made their own observations.
This  is Austen. He not only took time to explain the main elements in the plot (love triangle ensues after a serious accident) but he told me he plays the role of bodyguard in the movie. First, he demonstrated his bodyguard pose..  
 and then he posed with me while a very kind young lady took our photo.  What great ambassadors for Bollywood Films!  After posing, he called to the top stars of the movie,  
and asked them to allow me take a couple of photographs.  On the right is Jimmy Shergill, with his back to the camera is, I believe, the director (I haven't learned his name yet but he appeared to be making most decisions), and the young lady is Surveen Chawdra.  
 I was feeling like a pest by this time, but Austen insisted I get a photo with Jimmy Shergill..
and Surveen Chawla also took a moment to pose for me.  The movie doesn't have a title yet, but Bill and I will be following its progress through whatever we can learn from this site.  I hope we'll get to see it because I feel quite a connection to its story, after being so well treated yesterday.  
 I returned to Bill, who was fascinated with this piece of equipment, and particularly amused..
by this sign. (Sky - arrow up.  Earth - arrow down)  That made me laugh..
 and so, for some reason, did the handbag hanging at the end of the equipment.
 We continued a bit further along the bike path to one of my favourite birdwatching spots.  This young Redwing was going through what I call the "tough love" faze.
 "Daddy!  Fee-ee-eed me!  Now!"
"You have to learn to hunt for yourself sooner than later." 
"Oh, man!  This freedom thing isn't quite as much fun as I thought it would be."
We were hoping to have another chance to see a hummingbird (as we had two days earlier), but instead, were treated to this beautiful..
 Tiger Swallowtail.  
 I haven't given up on my goal of getting a close up of a Redwing's open..
 wings.  I'm realized that the best fun will not be in the capture but in the effort to get it.  This one didn't come out as I had hoped, but was my best result yesterday.
 Bill called my attention to these..
and to the fact that Black Jack had adopted a new position in his arms.  Her left back leg pointed straight up, the right front one was draped nonchalently over his hand, the other front leg found a nice resting spot between Bill's fingers.  Not sure what the other leg was doing but she told me she was completely comfortable.
"What are you smiling at?  Isn't this the way every dog sits?"
We watched this Mallard..
 do a little stretch..
 and checked the birdhouse for inhabitants.
 It seemed to be mainly used as a perch for the Redwings.
 This male looked to me like a lady in a flowing gown..
 but he may have resented that thought because he was soon off to hunt the bullrushes..
 in a flurry of athletic determination.
 There were other sights..
that caught my eye, 
 but no time to catch more than a fleeting glance as they disappeared from view.
 We like this area because there is a huge field..
 for Black Jack to run free.  
"I know Carol is straight ahead but what is that to my right?"
 Not so interesting.  Better go straight to her.
 I never get tired of this sight.
 "Oh, I am so happy, happy, happy!"
 We headed home after Black Jack's run, but stopped because something about this called out to me.  I'm not sure..  perhaps it was the small shadow that reminded me of a bird.
 Bill, as always, encouraged me to take my time and explore whatever had caught my fancy.
Finger pointing..  everyone looking to the left?
In retrospect, I think it was the effort and time an unknown person invested in his/her surroundings that touched something in me.
An unhappy frog? bulldog? Or perhaps, that's me.  Not unhappy.  Just concentrating.  
People and beings behind me showing the way?
Here is how it appeared in the larger view.    I am feeling content this morning in the knowledge that the smallest piece of our world will continue to yield new thoughts and discoveries.  My deep appreciation to Bill, and to those who graced my day yesterday, and to each one of you for encouraging me to look closely at the world around me.  You can expand that view if you have some time in your day to explore other posts at Our World Tuesday


  1. I don't think putting glasses on your pet ever gets boring! Beautiful photos - as always!

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    I enjoyed the tale about Ollie the character owl. Shame he's not around for a video.

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