Thursday, December 4, 2014

A few Good Fences

Two posts in one day, this one linking to  TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme.  Vancouver's Yaletown fences are completely different from the ones we might see on huge farm or ranch properties but they have their own charm.  In fact, one of the best aspects of her meme is the attention it has drawn to the many styles and functions of fences in our neighbourhood.  Thanks, Theresa!

Christmas lights on a fence-hedge combo.
A fence around a heritage home.. 
on Homer Street.
The reflection of a fence..
along False Creek.
A balcony railing seen from our 8th floor apartment window changing from red-mauve..
to blue-green..
to blue-mauve.
Balcony railings and a False Creek fence under moonlight.
 Bill settling Black Jack down in front of the fences to the False Creek ferry stop.
 Many fences across False Creek, too small to make out, but they are there :)
 "Stellar Jay" by Chris Dahl doesn't have a fence to be seen, but it was in a little room..
at Harrison Galleries yesterday.  Black Jack stared pointedly at Bill's pockets, hoping for a treat handout, but he was busy putting away the newspaper..
 so she shifted her relentless gaze to me.  She's hard to resist, but I managed :)
 "Red-Crested Cardinal" (# 1 and #2) is also by Chris Dahl.  His exhibition dates have come to an end, but there are still quite a few of his works on the walls.  
He is a very versatile artist with a wide range of subjects.  "Snowfall, Ambleside, West Vancouver" has the (fenced) Lions Gate Bridge in the background.
 and I'm betting there's a fence or two in this train shot, titled "The Royal Hudson, Dunderave, West Vancouver" though his broad strokes don't give us much detail.  That's it for today.  Many thanks once more to Theresa for hosting Good Fences!


  1. How could you resist those eyes? I like Chris Dahl;'s style of painting. It looks like he just daubed paint, but it's all so real. SO far removed from my style. I just don't have it in me to have this kind of abandonment -- seriously!

  2. I'm with Chris ~ those cute eyes! I'd have caved! The picture of Black Jack looking at Bill's pocket is really funny! I really enjoyed the bird paintings and the reflections of the fences. Have a good one!

  3. Love the fences and reflection shots however the paintinfgare fabulous

  4. Some very nice pictures - both the photographic ones and the painted ones: And with fences like those I am not sure we should be singing "Don't Fence Me In"

  5. Wonderful series, Carol. The Christmas lights are beautiful. And I love the bird paintings.. And Black Jack is always a star of your post.. Have a happy Friday and weekend ahead!

  6. Enjoyed the photos of the skyline and moon! Christmas lights are neat to see!

  7. i really like the light and lines in the 'heritage home' shots. so pretty! good fences all around. :)

  8. Great shots! I love the Christmas balcony's so colourful and festive! Have a great weekend!

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