Friday, December 5, 2014

Warm tones on a December evening.

When do golden browns and yellowy copper tones become orange and at what point does orange cross over the line to red?  I'm not quite sure, but I thought there was enough of an orangey glow to this post to link it up with Orange You Glad It's Friday.  Many thanks to Maria, the host of that fine meme.

We were walking along Hamilton Street last evening when we heard happy music coming through the open doors of Goorin Bros hat shop.  Bill and I tend to resort to hoods, helmets and in the summer, a baseball-style cap when our heads need covering. Oh..  and I confess to wearing a plastic rain-hat sometimes.  They sell them at the dollar store.  I will probably never share a photo of that on this blog :)  That said, there was something really inviting.. 
 about the warmth and friendliness of a beautiful hat display, with jazz..
 bringing life and energy to everyone who passed by on Hamilton Street.. 
on a damp December evening.  Only one of the musicians was wearing a hat (see above) when we walked into the store.  The saxophonist reluctantly tried a baseball cap but..  
 his preference was for the one below and we all agreed it was perfect!
The sousaphone player found himself a hat too.. and then, 
the energy, already in good form, started to really heat up.
If you're going to shop, 
it is my opinion that musical accompaniment goes a long way to sweetening the task.
The saxophonist began to sing, and the guitarist, to smile.
Happy taking photos..
of musicians,  

I almost forgot about the hats.
The sales staff are friendly and helpful.  I might add they really look good in their hats!
Let's just say if I decide to buy a hat, 
I know where.. 
I'll be shopping.
Oh..  and did I mention that all of their hats are unisex?
I was told by the salesgirl that at least at the Vancouver store, the hats are half price every Thursday between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.  I'm not sure if that is just during the Christmas season, but certainly, if you are thinking of buying a hat, a trip to Goorin Bros. would be fun.  Check out their web site.  In operation since 1895, they have 28 shops in North America.  
Bill and Black Jack were busy while I took pictures and when I realized what they were up to,
I laughed at first, but my next thought was that we have to buy Bill a hat.  He was clowning around with a price tag in front of his nose, but there was no hiding the fact that he and the hat were meant for each other.  Don't you agree?  
Well, Friday in Vancouver is almost over, but perhaps you will find a little time to visit Orange You Glad It's Friday some time over the next day or two.  Many thanks for stopping by here on your way, and many thanks to three fine musicians and a really neat hat shop!  Have a wonderful weekend, everybody!


  1. Bill's hat is perfect !! Not everyone can wear a hat you know. I certainly can't. Love the sax man's hat too. Smiles all round.

  2. Great series, Carol! Love the musician photos and all the hats.. Great shot of Bill and his hat.. It is perfect without the tag.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Great posting!!!! Yes, Bill's hat is perfect. Thanks for the tip on Goorin Bros.; I'll have to Google them to look for a location in/near NY [I am a hat person; actually, a Hattman]. Must have been soooo cool with the jazz group to serenade shoppers...and that hot salesgirl, too... Cheers, Stan

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  5. Oh my goodness … what a wonderful bounty of hats! I must say that the brimmed hats donned by the musicians instantly gave them extra pizzazz. The girl looks stunning in her selection. And were not for the dangling price tag, I would say Bill was channeling Indiana Jones in his hat. :)

  6. nice warm tones in these shots! cool place!

  7. This looks like a lot of fun! Music combined with an array of hats, could there be a better combination?!

  8. I do agree about the hat on Bill, Carol! What a fun collection of photos! I love live jazz music. Watching the musicians is always fascinating. Have a wonderful Sunday!