Saturday, December 13, 2014

Critters and Shining Light

My little Black Jack says "hi" to everyone this morning.  She is proud to be one of many sweet critters appearing in this week's edition of Saturday's Critters.  Many thanks, Eileen!  Your meme brings a lot of joy to bloggers around the world.
Vancouverites, along with Black Jack, are celebrating every sunspot lately. Last evening, I read Gillian's post, and realized I wasn't alone in noticing the light.  Thanks, Gillian :)
 As you can see, there were some wonderful blue skies yesterday.  Amazingly, we didn't get out on our bikes but we did go for a walk and we did have some bright spots in our day, 
 Blue skies had to be recorded for sure.
 Quite a few of my "critters' today are crafty ones :)  I introduced "Frosty" yesterday but, 
 since then, managed a better picture of his carrot-nose and cozy textures.  He now greets the residents of our building as they come through the front door.  Love his wooden skis!
 A tree also sits in our lobby, newly decorated and sporting a critter or two as well.
 This angel rests on top of the tree.  She makes me think of Lilee-Jean, a dear little girl no longer with us, but with a spirit that lives on mightily.  Today, Bill and I will meet Mary, her grandmother, at the Festival of Trees at the Four Seasons Hotel.  We will look for Lilee's star, knowing that its light will cast love over everything it touches.  
 Coming back to a few more photos of Black Jack in her sun spot.
 As I took the photos, she suddenly lifted her face and stretched out to the sun.  That expression, I believe, represents pure bliss.
 We walked to the camera shop in the afternoon (more about that tomorrow) and on the way, I noticed this critter in an apartment window.  Bill guessed that it might have been carved out of one solid piece of driftwood.  Quite amazing, we thought!
 There were a few other carvings in the window.  I loved this one, thinking immediately of my seafaring grandfather and of an uncle who used to love to build model ships.
 Two more carved critters rested behind those windows.
 Someone had put a lot of care and love into their creation. 
 Later, we went to our beloved Harrison Galleries where we sat with our crossword puzzle and delicious treats, enjoying the paintings around us.  This one by H. M. Saffer is called Apple Orchard lV.  That bright star shining down makes me think, again, of Lilee-Jean.
 Bill and Black Jack made me smile, as they so often do, as I came down the stairs of the gallery.  Such a beautiful bond between them.  
 As we walked home, this critter with the lit-up collar caught up my eye.
 Light comes in as many forms as there are beautiful..
beings about us to celebrate.  Many thanks, Eileen, for spreading your love of critters around the world so generously.  May you, and all of us, enjoy the day and the season!


  1. i love carved ducks! nice you've had blue skies, too. :)

  2. Well Black Jack is the star of this post. Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Carol, your Black Jack is such a sweet doggie. I loved all her photos.. The carved critters are cute too. Great post! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  4. The photo of BJ stretching toward the sun is my favourite this time. (Sorry Bill. You came in a close second) I'm convinced that I see a coy little smile.