Friday, December 12, 2014

Orangey Variations

It's a two-posts-in-one-day day, this one shared with Maria's Orange You Glad it's Friday meme.  Many thanks to her for hosting!

We are fortunate to have Star Pets Only situated minutes from our apartment, and paid a visit there Wednesday to pick up Black Jack's supplies.  Black Jack was thrilled.  Both Tony and Masumi are high on her list of favourite people.  Masumi was working and, as always, took time to hand out beautiful massages and lots of love.
Black Jack enthusiastically returned the love.  Masumi's vest may be more of a red than an orange, but perhaps, we could call it an orangey red :)
Her beautiful smile brightened our day.  Thanks so much, Masumi!  
 This fellow turned up in the lobby of our building a couple of days ago.  I'd say the patterns..
 in his hat and the colour of his nose are orange.  Bill thought "Frosty" needed a friend, and 
 as far as I can tell, Frosty was grateful for the gesture :)
Yesterday's rain stopped for only a few minutes, and we enjoyed those minutes immensely. 
 The sun broke through a very dark sky, lighting up this park bench by False Creek.
A window in a building by the Granville Bridge caught the momentary tangerine shades.. 
but, seconds after this shot was taken, we were pelted with wind and rain.   
Happily, the sun has come out this morning, the field in David Lam Park is looking refreshed,  
 oranges are showing up in the buildings seen from our 8th floor window,
and the faces of the OsGemeos mural are smiling..  though they never really stopped :)  Have a very happy Friday, everyone!


  1. the building reflections are lovely! black jack gets a lot of love wherever she goes. :)

  2. What an enjoyable collection of images!! Well, even if Masumi's vest color might be called into question, there were dabs of orange in some of the belts hanging on the wall..... Ya gotta love that mural..and especially in its unaesthetic surroundings. Cheers, Stan

  3. Your hubby waving with Frosty looks like a Xmas card to me:):)

  4. Back Jack is very popular and loved.. Cute snowman and nice shots of Bill. The reflections are gorgeous Carol. Lovely images and post..Happy Weekend!

  5. That second photo is priceless ~ You can tell that Black Jack is entranced with Masumi. And Bill is such a good sport! Have a good one!

  6. I've had trouble finding orange this week. May have to go back to my October shots; I still have a bunch of unused ones.