Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Watching in Wonder

I have a fairly Worrisome appointment at the dentist this morning, but it's time for a "W" post for ABC Wednesday, and I'd like to share a little bit of our day yesterday, With many thanks to skateboarders, Neil and Luc, Who Warmly Welcomed me When I asked if I could take photographs of them.  Many thanks as well to to Mrs. Nesbitt for starting a meme that celebrates letters of the alphabet While bringing people together from across the World.  The team of volunteers who carry that idea forward are also much appreciated.  More than ever, after another horrific story in the news yesterday, I seek solace in the knowledge that there are Wise and compassionate people who Want only to live their lives in physical and mental harmony with themselves and with each other.

It rained yesterday.  I looked from our balcony to the street, saw this puddle, and thought the Whorls formed a smile on a sort of Wacky, kooky face with big glasses.    
 A seagull flew past the balcony.  I thought its Wings..
 formed a "W" as it landed.
 Bill and I Walked along False Creek and by the skateboard park.  This is Luc.  I had never met him before..
 but he and his friend, Neil, Were Working hard on some skills, 
 and they had no objection to my taking photos.  In fact, they shook my hand, thanked me, and I Would have to say, are great ambassadors for their sport.  The Weather was cool..
and damp, but they were oblivious to that, interested only in improving their skills by dint of extraordinary Willpower.
 I Watched..
 Luc make his Way across..
 the bench as though carried by Wind,
Wonderfully confident, I thought, as he made a smooth and graceful landing.
 With limited time this morning, I'm going to let you Wander through these photos at..
 your leisure.  To Luc and Neil, the photos are in sequence, and I think give quite a good representation of your session, but I have quite a few more not shown.  If you would like to see the rest, leave a comment and i will either put them on facebook or in a dropbox account, Whichever Works better for you. 

I observed a dance-like grace in the arm positions of both boarders.  A Word found at the Phrontistery site that seems to apply is Waftage (transportation through water or air).  Oh..  and completely unrelated to skateboarding, but here are two other words that amused me at that site.  "Whiskerine" is a Whisker growing contest and "Wegotism" is excessive use of the pronoun "We" in speech or Writing.  :)

Anybody see a sort of "W" here?

My beautiful Bill and Black Jack Waited While I took photos.
 Bill used my camera-bag raincover to keep Black Jack Warm.

 If you would like to see more Ways of using the letter "W", head on over to ABC Wednesday for lots of Wondrous posts.  Many thanks to you for stopping by!  Wish me luck at the dentist!


  1. What wonderful shots of the skateboarders, Carol. They DO look like very determined dancers. With outstretched arms, it seemed at times, they had the wings of the seagull. Wishing you all the best during you visit with the dreaded dentist. :)

  2. Beautiful swirls in the puddle ~ great action shots ~ And dog is so cute! Hubby is too ~ great shots ~ so loving of them.

    Happy Holidays to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. good luck with the dentist! nice whorls. :)

  4. I hope all went well at the dentist. Your skateboarding young men will be very happy with these pictures! I love the new words but wonder when I might have committed the sin of "wegotism". I wonder if there is a word for the overuse of "I"? :)

  5. Hope your dentist appointment goes Well and that you recover quickly.
    Love the seagull making W's as he lands and skateboarders are very talented, it's fun to Watch. I often stop to Watch the boarders on the Trimble hill near me,
    wishes you Well!

  6. Thank you so much for this beautiful series of photos about the skateboarders.! How clever they are. Have a great week.
    Wil, ABCW team.

  7. Wonderful skill with skate boards!
    Absolutely love the face in the puddle!
    Hope you are having a great day, despite the dental appointment.

  8. Cool action shots.. The skateboarders look like they know what they are doing.. I would be on the ground, lol. I hope all goes well at the dentist.. Have a happy Thursday!

  9. I have no skateboarding skills, but scrolling down quickly DID give me the sense of motion!


  10. They remind me of winged creatures with great flying grace!