Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our World Yesterday (including a Bill perspective)

I'm sharing our walk yesterday with Our World Tuesday, with many thanks to ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy and Jennifer, the volunteer hosts who do such a fine job of encouraging round-the-world communication.

I passed the camera to Bill yesterday, as we walked along Homer Street, so at about the halfway point of this post, you will be treated to his perspective on some of the sights we enjoyed.

The train museum with Engine 374 proudly displayed is minutes from our apartment building.  We walk or ride by it pretty much daily.  Yesterday, I tried to take a photo to capture its Christmassy  look, but the shot became a maze of indoor and outdoor action.  Black Jack was happy to get into the picture too. 
 I changed the camera settings and tried again, but we're still in the picture :)
 There was a mini-train going around the perimeter of the display.  I tried to convince Bill to go for a ride but he thought I should be the first to try it out :)  As we stood there debating that point, the conductor came by, saw me with my camera, and waved a friendly "hello" that reminded me of watching the train go by in our small town when I was a kid.  I loved it when anyone on the train waved at us.  Usually, it was the man in the caboose who delighted us.
 This conductor was especially friendly, inviting us to come in..
 for a ride.  We considered that carefully but opted to take him up on the offer another day.
Then, he was on his way.  The people who keep the history of B.C.'s railway alive are dedicated and knowledgeable and this museum is free (with a donation box available) for anyone interested.
 One last photo with indoor and outdoor superimposed sights before continuing our walk..
through Helmcken Park.  There is always something to see there, and yesterday, I loved these aged blooms..
 and a couple of parked bikes with neat designs..
 and unusually eye-catching colours.
 Up to Homer Street now, and a shot of a couple of dogs meeting as their humans try to keep the flow of traffic moving.
At this point, Bill took over the camera.  We had entered Chintz & Company, a store that we pass by pretty much daily but hadn't visited for quite a while. I've save some of Bill's best photos to show you on Friday, but I love his captures of strange combinations of animal, bird and human life.
I'm guessing at the id's.. perhaps, a Sandhill Crane..
 and possibly a Coot or young goose here. 
Black Jack was more interested in whatever was on the floor.. 
but she did finally sit up..  sort of.
 Curvy lines and figures with movement..
 a sheep between the couches, 
and an embarrassed person trying to be a good sport on the other end of the camera :)
 We will probably never own any of the larger pieces at Chintz.  They would no more..
 fit in our apartment than would Engine 374, but I do love to walk through and see..
the range of unusual treasures that are offered up..
 in one of the most creative displays around town.
 I loved, as well, seeing them through Bill's eyes yesterday.
 As we prepared to leave, he caught us..
 in the security camera.  Thanks, Bill!  Yet another fun time with you to treasure!
We continued from there to Harrison Galleries where we enjoyed our daily treat and crossword time.  This is Makaisha, one of the delightful staff members..
 whose desire to make people happy is felt with every visit.
 Just love this photo of her.  Thanks, Makaisha.  You make the world a better place!
And here's Bill, finally back on the other end of the camera.  Seems to me, he works out beautifully, either way :)  Have a very happy Tuesday.  Many thanks for stopping by!


  1. I have a friend that would really love that train museum. - Margy

  2. Those look like neat places to explore! You have a beautiful smile, Carol, and I love the shots of you and Bill in the security camera! My family and I like to smile and wave at cameras, but I had never thought of them as a way to take a selfie: very clever!

  3. fun to have bill snapping you for a change. :)

  4. What a friendly conductor. It must have been hard to resist going for a ride. I like the picture Bill took of the both (oops, sorry Black Jack) three of you amid the dazzle of Christmas and vibrant colours all around. :)

  5. Hello Carol, you, Bill and Black Jack always seem to have fun days.. I would like to window shop there. I love the reflection of the train museum.. Wonderful photos, have a happy week!

  6. I just discovered your blog because of my gorgeous great-niece Makaisha. You're right that she makes the world a better place just by her presence (not to mention that she makes a great cappuccino :)
    I look forward to following more of your travels around our fabulous city.