Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Vancouver Day

The sun has come out this morning, but yesterday's rain was quite impressive.  I'll share it with Sundays in my City, with many thanks to Claudya for hosting!

Rain droplets clung..
to the branches of trees..
 outside our balcony.
 Clip-clops of horses could be heard on the street below us.  Looking over the balcony,
I had to be quick to catch a shot of the horses passing by.  They were offering rides all day long as a fund raiser for after school programs.
 It was a bit of a challenge to catch them through the tree branches.  I thought the photo worked quite well in black and white.
The rain had stopped and the temperatures were balmy when we walked later in the afternoon to Harrison Galleries.  New artwork had gone up.
 I like all of these works by Drew Keilback.  I took the one below with the wall shadow..
and without.
 I have no art training whatsoever, but it seems to me that he portrays depth beautifully.
 He grew up on the Canadian prairies, studied fine art in Phoenix, Arizona, moved back to Canada, continued to study art in Vancouver, and then was employed by the CBC as a television broadcast designer.
It was a beautiful walk home, with Christmas decorations warming the streets.  I took this through a shop window.  Love the bannister.
 Swirly patterns..
 and orangey window light..
 gave even the advertising signs a certain appeal.
Black Jack stopped to stare pointedly into the window of the pet store but they were closed.
 Bill did his best to show her that..
 but I'm thinking she wondered why he wasn't strong enough to pull the door open :)
The horses passed by again.  It seems they did those rides around the block for many, many hours.  I hope they found something of interest in their day and that they weren't too tired at the end of it. 
I took this photo of an art piece through the door leading to the lobby of an apartment building on our street.  I've been trying to identify it.  We may have to commandeer a resident one of these days as they enter or exit.  The words around the frame seem to say something like "reign of our queen defender of Gruns...  can't really make out the letters.  Anyone recognize this?  I think there is something about "ear lodge" in those words as well.  Whatever the title, it has a warmth and beauty that I like very much.  That was our quiet day yesterday.  Oh..  and we continue to read The Goldfinch together in the evenings.  I am fully engaged.  I think Bill is reserving judgement for now.  Thanks for stopping by!  A very happy Sunday to each one of you!


  1. Happy Sunday, Carol. What a lovely post. So many beautiful images.. I love the shots with the raindrops and the beautiful lights at night.. And the artwork is lovely.. And Black Jack is always a favorite.. Wishing you a happy week ahead!

  2. really like the tree and horse painting! beautiful! lovely water droplet photos.

  3. M and I always notice water droplets on bushes and admire them! I need to get "Goldfinch" as well for my February book group discussion. I understand that many love it with some reservations especially about the last chapters. Let us know the final decision! The sun is out on Sunday so O and M and Grandma can go outside! Yea!! Hugs, Phyllis

  4. I love the photos of the raindrops and leaves!

  5. Splendid job taking a shot of the raindrops. I always dreamed of having a staircase like the one you photographed, the tree looks wonderful there. Love the artwork today.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Carol. I always enjoy the amazing variety of things you include in your posts.

  7. Getting ready for Christmas is making me late to comment on your blog post. I always look forward to seeing what you are up to. love the peek-a-boo shots of the horses!

  8. I always enjoy your walks/rides around your city!

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