Saturday, August 2, 2014

7th Anniversary of the day we met for coffee

Yesterday was the 7th anniversary of our first date.  It took me a long time to meet the person who would become the love of my life.  I still celebrate every day, but it felt as though the day turned into a series of gifts just for us.  

The laughter and intimacy in this one bloom stood out in..
a garden that stopped Bill on his wheels as we biked along the waterfront.
I managed to set up the self-timer on the new camera for this family shot.  
Every bloom..
to have been..
 put there..
 for us.
On the other side of the pillar, we watched a girl doing Parkour moves.  
 I thought about the difference between Parkour and some of the other athleticism we have..
 seen in the streets.  It seems as death-defying..
but somehow, gentler and more calculated in the way it..
 simultaneously uses and respects the environment and the human body.  
I loved that this girl was kind enough to allow me to take photos.  
 Another gift.
We decided to have supper on The Art Gallery patio.  This place is one of Vancouver's best kept secrets.  Not only have we been able, twice, to find a table in a corner that is just perfect for Black Jack, but the wine is excellent,
the food delicious,
and the music last evening was nostalgic (though I was unable to find info with the name of this very fine jazz ensemble).

From our table, we could see quite a crowd below us, and with comfortable seating set up in the streets, we decided to spend some time after our meal..
 watching Kintarou, 
 a talented..  
 and very entertaining busker.
 Along with four balls, he juggled a bag of M&M's.
Both Bill and I enjoyed him, but Black Jack was thinking it was past her supper time.  She stared intently at the bag of treats to Bill's right, 
 and then she stared accusingly at me.
 We stayed to the end of Kintarou's act.  Here, he juggles an umbrella, a knife and an apple.  
 The amazing thing is that he was able..
 to take bites out of the apple,
 even as the knife came toward him.
 He was charming as well,
delighting this girl from the audience.
 You can see his name on the wine bottle, and it was also on the suitcase containing his props, but on-line information seems to be non-existent.  I think..
 Vancouver Art Gallery could do a better job of highlighting its outdoor artists.  They add much to the ambience and festivity that perhaps encourages new museum attendees. 
 As we watched Kintarou, Bill noticed the inscription over the art gallery doors.  Those words turned out to be a cedar sculpture by American artist, Lawrence Weiner.  
I found a photo of him at this site, taken this past February in New York City.  He is a famous but new-to-me artist, one of the founders of conceptual art of the 1960's.  His appearance is rather tortured, but that may have more to do with the fact that he is attending a formal function :)  The literal meaning of the words in his piece refers to the idea that the sculpture shows up clearly in the daylight, but recedes into the shadows at night.    
As I thought about that, and as we packed up our gear to get back on our bikes, we saw that Kintarou was also packing up, while ever mindful of his audience.  Bill and I talked.. 
about the life we imagine buskers live.  This photo of a carving by artist, Malc Spour and the following words at his site seem to express the idea that some of us do what we do in spite of hardships because not to do it would be to deny our innermost strengths and desires: 
".. these (carvings) are firmly based on elements of my life which have given me high and low moments, i.e. that moment of “why do I do this?”. The Wanderer – “Yem”, The Busker – “Minstrel’s Lament”, The Angler – “Jus’ Fishin’”. Even though they are ‘Little Miseries’, they are, (I feel) drawn with a humorous slant on aspects of my life that played a major part in inspiring many of my artworks in so many ways. The emphasis on the title should really be the Little Miseries because they make the good bits so good!
"The Busker - Minstrel's Lament" by Malc Spour
Our ride home was bathed in what Bill and I learned from a photographer friend to call Bride's Light.  It highlighted the reflections in buildings, 
and brought out the sweet warmth..
 that fills my life.
 Black Jack had her run, 
 even as the sky added..
 its own gifts..
 to the ones I was already treasuring.  Happy Anniversary, Bill.  I love you!


  1. you two (three, actually) love each other very, very much. it comes through in EVERY post, not just this one. happy 7th anniversary of meeting love. :)

  2. Happy 7th anniversary. You guys deserve every blessing you get. Your blog is full of masterpieces. The family photo is so wonderful. I'm doing better each day. Getting my strength back. Love and prayers for you all.

  3. Hi Carol! It was lovely to meet you in the park yesterday - I wish I'd known to say happy anniversary! Thanks so much for the link to your blog; your photos are all so beautiful! Would you mind if I copied some of my training photos to my website/social media? I'm happy to credit and link back to your blog, of course :)



  4. Happy 7th to the three of you!
    Crazy, busy summer...sorry I haven't had time to comment, but love your posts, as always!

  5. Congratulations to you both! A beautiful post with so many wonderful photo memories. My favorite is the reflection in the building. xo Jenny

  6. It seems as if fate brought you two together … a memorable day worthy of remembering and celebrating amid Vancouver flowers. Enjoying the vibrant busker who happened to have a heart on his shirt was perfect entertainment for that special day!

  7. Happy 7th, Carol and Bill (and Black Jack too!). Love your photos, as always. One of my favourite things about outdoor urban spaces is watching the buskers - so talented, so diverse, so entertaining!

  8. Happy Anniversary. : )
    That garden sure is beautiful!
    Sounds and looks like a wonderful happy day.

  9. aww, sweet post. Happy Anniversary you three!