Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friends and Critters

I am sharing with Eileen's Saturday's Critters today.  Thank you so much, Eileen, for hosting. 

This is Jock.  He is a dear friend and it was his 70th birthday yesterday.  He found a way to spend some time with us at Harrison Galleries and that meant so very much to us.  A loyal friend who is able to laugh even when life gets tough, and who isn't afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, is a keeper for sure.  Jock sees the smallest details that make life sweet and he delights in sharing them.  Every time we see him, there is laughter and there are always some tender moments too.  That's just the way he is.  
Recently, Jock's beloved Sheltie, Lucy, died at age 18.  Yesterday, his eyes glistened as he showed us a video of her running with absolute enthusiasm beside him.  That was only days before she died.  And that was after being rescued from a horrible breeder situation that she endured for almost three years.  Lucy's happy life is a tribute to Jock and to his dear partner, Kitty.  Here are a few repeat photos from an earlier post about them.
 We wish you many more years full of the joys that make life good, Jock.  Your friendship is a gift that we value so very much.  Black Jack adds her "Happy Birthday" wishes too!
Bill took the above photo and Jock, being the thoughtful guy he is, realized Bill, Black Jack and I would probably like one together as well.  He was right!   It makes me happy to record a moment in time with my two loves close to me.
Do imaginary critters count as well, Eileen?  We are watching the Osgemeos mural and noting the daily changes as its completion date (Sept. 7th will be the opening) approaches.  Looking from the Yaletown side gives quite a different perspective from the Granville Island side.  Yesterday we noticed a bear-like critter..  
that seems to show up as it travels in and around the yellow silos.  There will be much to interpret as smaller details become more apparent to us over the coming days.
 If you are here just for the critters, you may want to skip these garden photos.
 After saying "good-bye" to Jock, 
 we had to stop and admire.. 
the gorgeous colours and obvious care.. 
 that has gone into this garden..
 in George Wainborn Park.
 Black Jack though flower admiration had gone just about far enough..
 but I had to show you this photo in two stages, one to catch her ears and the other, her tail :)
 She and Bill were so in sync yesterday, it was hard to stop taking photos of them.
 I did do just a few more shots..
 looking at the garden from the other direction..
 but my attention kept coming back to..
 Bill and Black Jack.
 I noticed the traffic light turning red behind the flowers, and that inspired the final shot..
before we headed to the grassy side of the park to let Black Jack have a run.  When we arrived, we couldn't stop watching this cutie named Chanel.  About half the size of Black Jack, she ran and circled at dizzying speeds and was one of the most entertaining dogs I've watched in a while.  (Sorry, Black Jack.)  I tried, but failed, to get some video of her, so will have to leave her antics to your imagination.  
 After Black Jack's run, 
 to get a slightly closer look at the mural.
A cement truck drove by the opening.  I thought it neat that we could see that action taking place on Granville Island, even from the other side of False Creek.
 An enormous flock of cormorants disappeared behind the apartment buildings as we left..
 the park and rode to a spot showing the girders of the Cambie Bridge.  I've been fascinated with these blue shades that were painted over a year ago.  Finally, I googled and discovered that they are not tide markers, but rather, a simulated portrayal of the effects of climate change on sea level.  You can read more about that here.
It was the coolest day we've had in a while, with short spells of light rainfall, but I took one reflection shot of those blue markers, 
and then I focused the rest of my attention on Black Jack who was wrapped up in my hoodie.
She was attentive..
and comfortable..
and about as laid back..
as she could possibly be, 
secure in her world that I hope you've enjoyed sharing today.  For more critters, hop on over to Eileen's meme.  It's a fun one for sure.  Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. black jack is such a good girl. :) sorry for jock's loss. 18 - what a grand old age lucy went to!

  2. Hello Carol, gee this is so hard..I am sorry to hear about your friends dog Lucy. She looks like a real a sweetie.. And I always love your Black Jack.. Your imaginary critters look like they could be monsters.. Great post and wonderful photos.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. Cute dogs all of them! It's always hard to loose a dog even if she was very old and had had a good life.

  4. Like those cormorants flying in a line.

  5. Your friend Jock sounds like such a wonderful person! And that sheltie was beautiful! I know he misses her. I bet he really enjoyed being around Black Jack. Gorgeous canna photos too!

  6. I love the shot of the flowers with the city in the background, it really highlights Mother nature's work, and the work of man kind, I know which I find more beautiful!

  7. The dogs are so cute. I like the magenta Cleome with the hot colors of the Cannas, I hope my little Canna will get on the ball and bloom before fall.