Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Photo Journal

At Harrison Galleries yesterday, our lattés and treats consumed and a tricky crossword almost completed, I took a few moments to play with my camera.  An oil painting called "Deep Violet Iris" by Don Berger and a photographic print by Steven Freedman called Dwarf Birch and Black Spruce Trees were reflected on a table in the centre of the gallery and I thought they made an interesting photograph.  I'm posting to Friday Photo Journal today.  Many thanks to Serendipity for hosting. 
 In this second attempt, I omitted the "Ephemeral Peony" painting at the right, also by 
 Don Berger.  You can see most of that painting below.  I love his work!  Of the two above, I'm wondering which works better as a photograph. 
 Bill's suggesting to ride to the ferry landing, take the Aquabus to Granville Island and then bike home over the Burrard Bridge, was a great one.  We spent some time listening to two interesting musicians with unusual instruments.
 I liked their sound and..
 intense focus, but wasn't able to find much information about them.
We didn't buy the CD but it is called "Vibe Trip" and overall, they struck me as..
serious and talented musicians. This seagull stood mesmerized for several minutes before going on with the never-ending hunt for food.
 I looked over the water and saw this flag on a boat that..
 had a mascot..
 and a cat that had to do a lot of navigating even when docked.
 I wondered where it was headed, 
 and then saw the can of Fancy Feast.  I hope the cat did not cut its tongue.
 I returned to Bill to find him giving Black Jack a much appreciated massage.
 The pigeons, seagulls and starlings were wandering about, as they always do at Granville Island.  
 These two walked like a couple going to market.
The brown one was unusually pretty.  
We biked over to Vanier Park after that to one of Black Jack's favourite spots.
 She could barely contain her eagerness and Bill did a great job of keeping up with her.
Black Jack goes absolutely crazy when she gets in these rocks.  We never see anything there, but I'm guessing critters must nest below. 
 In the water, a Yoga class was in progress.
 I could only imagine how difficult it must be.
 Bill saw this lady fall off her board, but she climbed back up quickly and didn't appear to whine at all :)
 Bill was also very interested in this truck and in the mast strapped to the top.
 I was getting a great kick out of watching.. 
 this dog play by the dog beach.
When I looked back, Bill and Black Jack were ready to pose by the "Zombie Outbreak Response Team" decal on the truck.  This was definitely our great laughter moment for the..  
 day, although the entertainment of guessing where that mast would go was fun as well. 
 The dog on the beach grabbed its ball, 
 took it to a hole and was thinking about burying it, when.. 
 his human approached and suggested a better activity.
 Meanwhile, the mast had made its way (with a little help) to the dock, and..
 was turning the corner (harder than it looks)..
 Settled for the moment, we were still wondering which boat it would end up on.
The boatwright who had led the procession to the dock returned, and I noticed he had more than a passing interest in zombies.  Bill asked him how much it would cost to hire the response team for possible zombie outbreaks in the future and that brought a good laugh.
The job of boatwright is one I didn't know much about, so I have found a link here to describe some of the skills required.  Just seeing all the work that went into delivering a mast for a boat, and seeing the great care taken so that the polish on the mast would not be damaged really opened my eyes to the range of expertise this fellow must have to do his job. 
We finally learned that the mast was to go on this replica of a Viking boat.  You can learn much more about it..
at this site.
The area around us continued to hum with activity.
 I again found myself watching that same dog, with two wonderful humans who..
 took time to make sure the dog had a good play.  I was impressed, as we've seen more than a few humans set their dogs free on the beach and then ignore them for the greater entertainment of thumb exercising smart phones.
 The more I watched, 
 the more I thought the photos might be fun..
 to see, so I made my way down the rocky path..
 to hand my blog address to the dog's humans.
 Not as agile as Black Jack, or at least, perhaps needing to be leashed as she was :) 
 I ended up slipping, and falling with camera in hand.
I guess Black Jack will have to give me lessons in rock navigation.  The good news is that I think my camera survived unscathed and I am still able to ride my bike, though a bit more one-sided than usual :)
 Final photos of the day included the sun across the water, 
 and someone doing a sport that I remember Rick Mercer doing in one of his shows, though I can't name it.
 He rose pretty high out of the water, 
 and then took a dive that made my little slip seem a non-event.  This photo is poor, but I believe the man's head is hitting the water first.  Yikes! 
 He was up pretty quickly and ready to go again, so I assume all was well.  That concludes our outing yesterday.  Thanks for stopping by.  You can check out other photo journals at Serendipity's meme.  Happy Friday! 

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  1. some people are just crazy! :) love the boat cat and happy beach pups. the musicians are cool. the ooze coolness. :)