Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Finding peace

We came home from a good ride to Jericho Park yesterday to the news that Robin Williams had died of suspected suicide.  My from-the-gut, "No-o-o!" reaction surprised me.  I love movies but am not one to follow the lives of actors closely.  I couldn't have told you a thing about the personal life of Robin Williams.  I didn't know he battled addiction.  I had no idea he was struggling with severe depression.  I  didn't even know his daughter celebrated her 25th birthday last week.  I just knew I loved to watch him on the screen.  A talented, hilarious, and from the words of his colleagues and family, truly sweet human being is lost to the world and I am sad for him, for those who loved him and for all those who suffer mental illness.  There will be many thoughts about his death expressed today and on into the next few weeks.  There will be lots of questions as well.  The one that comes to the top of my long list is whether he was taking mind-altering medications.  Doctors are overworked and they want quick answers, as we often do ourselves.  Sometimes, I suspect they haven't the time to fully question the pharmaceutical companies about the devastating side effects of some prescribed drugs.  I could be completely off the wall on this one but I can't help but wonder.  For another viewpoint on this tragic story, you may want to read Optimistic Existentialist's post.  It is a short but powerful read.  In the mean time, thank you, Robin Williams.  Your roles as the hilarious Mrs. Doubtfire..   
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 and as the psychiatrist in "Good Will Hunting" are just two of many that will go down in history for their brilliance.  I hope your family will be able to find some peace in the outpouring of love headed your way from around the world, and in the memories of the laughter and comfort you brought to so many.

To fill you in on some of the other parts of our day yesterday, I bring you an update on Tupper.  Though we don't see her every day, she has visited a bit more frequently lately. 
Yesterday, she hopped down..
from the cement wall in David Lam Park..
to follow me along the walking path.
I've been practicing manual focus with mixed results, but thought..
her quizzical expressions came through here.  She really listens.  I'd love to know what..  
she thinks.  It was hot in the sun and for the first time, I saw her panting.  I used to call this gaping, but am not sure I am using the term correctly.  All birds seem to do this in much the same way that dogs pant on very hot days.
I was a bit worried for her, but should have known her instincts are good.
After enjoying her salmon treats, she headed to a nearby fountain.  I hope she had a lovely bath and a good drink. 
Our ride up a fairly long hill in the heat made the shady trees at Jericho very appealing. 
The water in the pond was low and wildlife sightings were few and far between, but that should change today as rain is expected for the first time in quite a while.
The mallards' feet seemed especially orange,
and the rabbits appeared to be thriving.
Swallows flitted about at high speed and I tried and tried to make a capture, but in the end, these Cedar Waxwings at the top of a very tall tree..
and this handsome man..
with a cute, questioning expression..
and one (also panting) heron at the top of.. 
another tall tree were the best of the day's shots.
We didn't go to this bench yesterday, but I took a photo of it from the path below. It is set high above the more frequented beach and pond sections of the park.  Somehow, I see Robin Williams sitting on it this morning.  Perhaps, he is shocked at the impact of his death on the world and maybe he is wanting to let his family know that he is at peace.  I'd like to think so and would also like to believe that a better understanding of mental illness and its treatment could be a possible good to come out of his sad story.
To peek into the thoughts of people around the world, Our World Tuesday would be a great place to start.  My appreciation goes to the many volunteers who keep that excellent meme running so smoothly.  Thank you for stopping by here and have a happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. That clip from Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movie clips of all-time...

  2. love the tupper shot in mid-jump. so cute. love the 'herd' of mallards, too. :)

  3. I was surprised at my reaction to Robyn's passing. Like you I have never been really interested in every detail of a celebrity's life, but I was always a big fan of his. I am sad for him and incredibly sad for his family.

    Glad you ended your post with all these lovely photos.

  4. My thoughts and prayers go now to Robin William's family. I can relate to what they are experiencing right now because my first husband committed suicide back in 1992. It was devastating for me and it continues to affect my daughters' lives.

  5. It is so incredibly sad about Robin Williams … a man who seemingly had everything. It would be interesting to know if he was on some mood-mind altering medication for depression. Sometimes the side effects can turn out to be far worse than the initial problem. :((

  6. Robin William's death is very sad. I hope that his spirit is finally feeling free of burden. The photos of Tupper are darling. I like how Tupper recognized you and followed you down the path.
    Take 25 to Hollister

  7. I, too, am so sad about the death of a brilliant actor who could make you laugh and week within minutes. I think we all need to think more about society's responsibilities around mental illness. There is a shocking paucity of places where people can seek proper help and treatment especially for children and young people, but also for the general population. Hugs for you both! Phyllis