Monday, August 18, 2014

Hello Monday.. your blues are bluer than ever :)

After riding our bikes to Harrison Galleries for treats and crossword time yesterday, we made our way to the Hornby Street Aquabus stop for the short ride to Granville Island.  What follows is our day from that point.  All shots are with the 500 mm lens, the only one presently working.  I like that lens.  One might even say it's my favourite, though I will be happy to sort out our camera issues soon.  Granville Island seems to feature the colour blue, but even with that, there is a blue tint over most of the photos.  Just perfect  for Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme :)  Many thanks to her for a very fine job of hosting!
Bill, Black Jack and I sat in front of the MarketPlace, listening to the hypnotic melodies from this busker and his flute.
 To our left were blue window frames with handmade cards displayed behind the windows.
 Mind quieted by the beautiful playing, I looked from the musician..
 to the displays..
 and back again.  
I would love to credit the artists but couldn't make out the name in the bottom right-hand corner nor could we learn the name of the busker.  If you live near Granville Island and want to encourage artistic talent, there is a wealth of talent and creativity there to explore.
 We walked along the dock after that, and reflections..  
my eye..
 the way.
 Even this tiny boat rental shed seemed especially interesting, viewed from the end of the dock and under the small bridge that takes one up to the market.
This heron was sitting on the dock in front of us.  I think his/her name may be Stretch, blogged about quite some time ago.  I hope so, but either way, s/he..
 waited until we were very close..
 and even then, may not have..
 flown off if it hadn't been for the rather noisy arrival..
 of footsteps on the ramp.
Blue window boxes along the dock..
 and a specially pretty blue pansy added to that feeling that Granville Island is "blue" themed.
Just before we walked up the ramp and back to the Market Place where our bikes were locked, we noticed a kazillion tiny fish swimming under the dock. 
 Both Black Jack..
and Bill were mesmerized.
Back to the upper level now, Bill prepared our bikes and I looked at the cormorants under the Granville Bridge.  A juvenile (left) could barely wait..
 for a food delivery..
 and stuffed its entire head (!) inside the mouth of the adult.  Ravenously hungry, I hope its..
 snack was delicious.  Here, it demands more and the harried parent tries to explain s/he will have to go hunting again before the next course can be delivered.  Phew!  We watched a human mother with her two very young children yesterday.  Parenting is one of life's most respected occupations, and small wonder why!
We walked our bikes to the bike path for the ride home.  Along the way, I took a few more photos of shop windows..
 and displays.  These hammocks fold up to almost nothing for hiking/camping trips.
 We almost missed this mime, thinking he was a mannequin.  When he saw that we had spotted life in his eyes, he rolled them comically (though I didn't manage to capture that).

Sadly, the shot of Bill's hand in his was blurred, but he was very gracious when given change.  When we got further away, i was able to capture that when another passer-by also contributed some change.  I think he must have been very tired by the end of his shift, but hopefully, he made enough to put food on the table.  Note the perfectly matched stripes in his costume and face!

Back on our bikes again, we rode a good distance before stopping to listen to a wonderful performance..
 by Shawn Hook.
 Neither of us recognized the song, but we enjoyed it and..
Shawn's playing on this (blue) piano..
 very much indeed.  His talent and outgoing personality should take him a long way.  We will be following his career with interest for sure.  
Just before we got back on our bikes, I noticed the blue tide markers under the Cambie Bridge.  At the very bottom was a delightful little flower.
 I zoomed in on it and think it makes a happy ending for this blue post.  Still looking for blues to brighten your day?  Head on over to Sally's meme and you will have enough blue to fill the rest of your week.  Thanks so much for stopping by here.  Happy Monday to you!


  1. very blue today! love the watery colorful reflections.

  2. I can't believe you found SO MANY blues in one day. I adore the shots of the reflections-so many beautiful colors. The striped man is unique for sure, I bet he could make some little ones shudder. And the blue piano--what a surprise.

  3. Hello Carol,

    Once again, you, Bill, and Jack enjoyed a delightfully blue day. Your days are like vacations.Thanks for making Blue Monday special by sharing this.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  4. lots of blue!! Love the reflections and the heron...and the cormorants!

  5. One need not look far to find great talent in and around Vancouver. But I suspect most people would have missed the little painted flower at the bottom of the tide marker. A good find that made me smile. :)

  6. Oh wow that picture of all the fish swimming is amazing!!!!

  7. You were scouting out the blues weren't you? I am catching up from last week and really enjoyed all these shares. Such fun!