Monday, August 25, 2014

Blues Observed on the Weekend

I'm sharing this post with Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme today.  Many thanks to her for encouraging us to recognize the many shades and subtleties of the colour blue.

Saturday's photos have already been posted but I had a few left over.  This one of a window washer's foot and tattoos as he worked his way down from the 9th floor of our building made me smile.
When I told him I had taken a photo of his tattoos, he said, "Which one?"  I couldn't tell him as I didn't see them clearly.  I answered, "Whichever one showed up in our window first as you came into view."  "Ah, the anchor," he replied, and smiled.  In fact, it may have been the smaller (mystery) tattoo near his ankle that I saw first.  I wish I had asked him more about the significance of the anchor.  He will be back today to finish up.  Perhaps, I'll have a chance to get a few more details of his story.  I'm not sure why all tattoos fascinate me; it is highly unlikely I will ever have one.  Perhaps, it is because many of them are beautiful.  Or perhaps, it is just the fun of meeting the person, learning a little of the significance of the tattoo and being granted permission to take a photo.  Oh, and did you notice one of the tools of his trade is blue?  :)  
I also saved a couple of photos of the crane and the work to put an arm of it into the air on Saturday.  Seen as we biked towards Granville Island, it aroused Bill's curiosity first, but mine followed soon after.  Such a responsibility in a job like this, not to mention the views and perspectives the workers gain through their time in the sky.
The truck was a beautiful shade of blue.
 I guess the window washer and the crane workmen could exchange a story or two :)
And just a few more taken at Granville Island on Saturday.  The reflections of..
this fence,
 the banners seen over..
 the Granville Bridge,
 another reflection shot,
 a doorway to one of the shops on the island,
and new art along the False Creek seawall as we biked home all featured the colour blue.
 Sunday's photos began with a beautiful Blue Heron by one of our favourite ponds enjoyed whenever we bike past Vancouver's convention centre.  Many of Vancouver's apartment buildings have a blue tint to them, and some are reflected in this water.
In certain lights, the blues of a heron really stand out, 
 and that was the case as the heron flew to the other side of the pond.  (We didn't scare it.  It flies back and forth across the pond all day long, appearing to have set up residence there.
 Thank goodness Bill's hat and eyes are blue.  There aren't many other blues in this next series, but it has to be recorded as a highlight in our day yesterday.  We thought we had seen the last of the Redwing Blackbirds but some young ones showed up.  They were clearly at ease with people and very hungry.
This one wasn't impressed when he landed only to find Bill's hand empty.
Fortunately, we had some unsalted sunflower seeds that a kind lady had given us for the birds one day when we were at Jericho Park.  
 They met with the birds' approval.
 Bill hoped to have two simultaneous landings but the closest he came..
 was this.  In the end, the younger one thought better..
 of landing.
 This one's mouth was so full, I worried for its stomach.  Note to self.  Only a few seeds offered at a time, next time.
 Fair's fair.  Time to share!
 Do like I do.  Check for the ones they dropped.
 I took one more shot of the heron and its beautifully groomed feathers, this one zooming in from the other side of the pond..  
and one more shot of the blue-tinted apartment buildings and their reflections (and a fellow in a blue shirt).
 Then we walked to the ocean side of the path, taking geese..
 blue skies, blue boats, blue umbrellas..
 and yet more geese in still blue skies..
 the way.
 As always, 
 I couldn't resist..
 in and around..
 the water.
 No blue here, and definitely not a highlight of the day, we were about to do a run with Black Jack in this field.  We had checked out a path for her with no holes as we are always concerned for her tiny little legs.  But, in the end, we decided on a different route.  I was walking to the other side of the fence and looking up (why do I do that), so I completely missed seeing this hole.  It there is one hole in a large area, my homing instinct works distressingly well.  I stepped into it and landed, sprawled flat on my front.  The camera did not escape unscathed and I am nursing a very sore shoulder this morning, but the good news is that Bill took good care of me and I was able to ride my bike home after sitting for a spell with some ice kindly donated by a nearby vendor.  Not one of my finer moments but I survived :)  Lesson hopefully learned.  Look where you are going, Carson!  
 I was able to lift my arm to take this photo as we walked back to our bikes.  The shot was clear though the shutter speed sound was exceptionally slow.  Any camera experts with thoughts about what that could mean would certainly be appreciated.  But, your visit here, comment or not, is appreciated too.  Many thanks once more to Sally.  Check out her meme if you have a chance.  Happy Blue Monday to each one of you!


  1. so sorry for the injury! always love the colorful reflections you share. the blackbirds eating from bill's hands are neat, too!

  2. Hi Carol,

    Your camera seems to be working well; I sure hope so as you as a premier photographer. (I cannot help you in this area.)

    It's amazing that Bill was able to feed the bird(s) out of his hand!

    Oh, how I LOVE that blue heron. We have them here too, but I've never seen one quite so spectacular. Isn’t it fun finding blue?

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. love your reflections especially and nice shots of the geese too.

  4. Aww … sorry to hear of the fall and hope your shoulder and camera are okay. I have a tendency to run into telephone poles. When I first saw your picture of a bucket, my first thought was that you and Bill were planning to do the celebrity ALS challenge. :))

  5. It is Wednesday and I have just read your Monday blog. I hope the arm is much better today!
    Hugs, Phyllis