Friday, August 1, 2014

Come Along for The Ride

I'm linking up with Serendipity's Photo Journal today.  I've looked at a few of the posts and really enjoyed them.  The photography level is way out of my league, but that's a good thing.  It gives me somewhere to aim and reminds me that it is time for a visit to "Broadway Camera" to try to figure out whether the new camera or the old photographer is the problem :)

It has been quite warm in Vancouver, not sending us into panic mode, but definitely draining the energy a little bit.  We enjoyed our lattés yesterday but only managed four or five answers between us for the cryptic crossword we attempted.  It was the only one available at the gallery where we usually find more accessible ones among the used newspapers.  We set out after that on a low key ride past Canada Place and along Vancouver's harbour front.  We found this shady spot where Black Jack could have a short run..
 and then Bill and Black Jack sat together on a park bench..
while I sat on the stone wall just in front of them, taking pictures of whatever caught my eye.
One of my favourite parts of this ride is a path along the green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre.  This article, an excellent one with great photos, has filled in some information about it that I didn't know.  Opened in April, 2009, it is apparently "flourishing far beyond the expectations of its designers and has provided a natural urban habitat for spiders, dragonflies, ants, damselfies, grasshoppers, ants, sparrows, juncos and finches."
I tried to capture something of the feeling I get when I ride that path.  Often, we have it to ourselves, and until we round the corner, our view is one of long green grasses catching the light and swaying in the breeze, a meadow dropped into the middle of downtown.
The odd cormorant flew by,
outnumbered by the constant arrival and departure of small planes.  
I'll try to take you along with us for the rest of the day.  Across the water, forests and North Shore Mountains provide more greenery.
 Behind us, the sweet voices of two young men blend in perfect harmony.
They are singing Simon and Garfunkel's "Cecilia" and their version is the better one, at least for me, right now, in this place.   

A girl shakes their hand.  She has been enjoying them too.
 They tell me they are just getting to know each other and there are no videos posted where I might listen to them again.  I don't ask their names, but I do give them my blog site.   
Perhaps, they'll let me know when they..
do their first recording.
I'm still thinking about that beautiful green roof, and I ask Bill if he'll help me try to recreate the magic.  We leave our park bench and ride to the bottom of the green path.  Bill bikes up..
and then begins the ride down.  You can see the walkers on the path to the left and Bill on the other side, just beginning the descent.
What a sweetheart!  Thank you, Bill!  Can you feel the grass swaying?
"Don't forget to look happy," I tell him.  He remembers..
until he reaches the bottom and has to focus on the best place to stop.  I ask a lot of him but he is happy and so am I.  It has been fun doing this recreation. 
We ride back up the path and on to Cathedral Square, opposite the Holy Rosary Cathedral at the corner of Dunsmuir and Richards Street.  I am limited to close-up views with my big lens, and like the images in these tiles at the base of a sort of fountain.
A movie shoot is going on, and.. 
we watch tired staff trundle equipment back and forth.
A lantern comes into view,
and then a gentleman from another time.
We learn that a walking tour is about to begin.  "A gothic journey into [Vancouver's] earliest and darkest days" sounds interesting, and I wonder if we might try it some day.  A gentleman from Tennessee is about to do the tour but he takes some time to talk with us while his wife communes with Black Jack :)  He tells us that his son is a writer and gives us the web site.  (This morning, I read some of his son's poetry.  It is raw and full of pain but reaches its target in my heart.  I love his quote on the home page: "Put that pen to paper and move it until the paper starts to smoke."
The tour group leaves and Bill tries to talk with one of the staff members taking care of movie equipment.  The fellow tells Bill he doesn't know what the movie is, nor does he really care.  He's just doing his job, one that, we observe, doesn't provide much stimulation or pleasure.   The young man goes back to his smart phone,
and I move my attention to some scenes..
to the left of the cathedral.
Our bikes wait, side by side, just about ready for the ride home.
Bill has a little moment with Black Jack before we put her into her basket.
We bike to the grocery store, pick up some food for a late supper, read aloud to each other from The Dogs are Eating Them Now, and call it another good day.  Thanks for coming along with us.  Once more, I do recommend Serendipity's meme if you have the time for some great photography and some honest thoughts by writers around the world.


  1. Riding my bike is one of my favorite outdoor activities. I wish I could join you for a ride!

  2. those 2 characters at the end. :)

    i like the sea planes and those beautiful hilly scenes!

  3. Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel has allways been my song ,lovley birdphotos in your older post to ,have a nice weekend ,Nette

  4. Better than Simon and Garfunkel … I very much look forward to hearing this fresh version of Cecilia on YouTube one day!

    I am reminded that movie shoots around town, even in my neck of the woods, are often described with a shrug of the shoulders or as being “little commercials”. I am guessing the crew are told not to reveal much of anything in many cases. :)

  5. The shots of Bill and Black Jack are priceless.

  6. Love the pictures of the recording session!!