Friday, August 15, 2014

Why I love him

I don't know if these two little videos will work.  They are the first ones I've tried on the new camera.  In this first little 10-second one, all you really hear is my giggling.  That's cause Bill was making me laugh.  That's one of the many reasons why I love him.  

This next video is a few seconds longer and is actually the first one we made.  It cuts out just at Bill's funniest moment (no idea why it did that), so all you see is the cruise ship going by, and a few murmurs that we think we've got the video working.  Anyhow, they are here to document a few moments of happiness in my world.
After weeks of sunshine, cloudy skies with occasional periods of light rain have marked the past two days in Vancouver.  I took no photos at all yesterday until late in the evening when we decided to go out for a short walk with Black Jack.  There was light rainfall, so..  
we stood under a little look-out to record the faint tinge of pink over False Creek. 
Still cloudy this morning, I looked down from our 8th floor apartment to test the camera.  (We have one apartment on the 8th floor with more of a city view and one on the 2nd that looks more directly over False Creek.) 
 Then, the bright colours in the distance caught my eye.  Bill had noticed them last night, and I was willing to bet a significant amount that they hadn't been there before.
 I googled this morning but could find no info about them. Here's a closer view.
 And closer still.  That's the ramp leading onto the Granville Bridge behind.  Perspective seems a bit off, but the apartment building is on this side of False Creek and the coloured panels are on the other side of the water.  Our guess until we learn otherwise is that they have been put there to hide the cement plant so that boaters and tourists will have a nicer view as they explore False Creek.
 And remember those videos?  Well, Bill had gone to our friend google earlier in the day, and then painstakingly simplified the instructions for me to follow.  That sort of thing is another reason why I love him.
 I love Black Jack too.  Here she is, earlier this morning, curled in her bed, wondering..
 if picture taking might translate to a treat.  Thanks for stopping by.  I do love the chance to document and share the good times in our days.  Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. they both played just fine. :) black jack is such a cutie.

  2. How wonderful to hear your laughter. Who could fail to smile listening to that sound.

  3. Your laughter and happiness makes me sooooo happy! Hugs, Phyllis

  4. The video laughter is music to my ears. They say humor in a good man is hard to find but very appealing when you do. :) The panels are something new. I notice the bottom ones seem to have entranceways. Interesting!

  5. Laughter is the key to the heart! Video was so cute!

  6. Lovely shots and video - looks like a fun time.

  7. It's been a while!
    So good to have a partner to make us laugh more, Carole!
    I thought the 'coloured panlels' was an art instillation of some sort. Certainly gets one's attention.
    Hi to Bill and Black Jack.