Sunday, August 17, 2014

What's it All About?

Yesterday, Bill and I biked around the Stanley Park Seawall with Black Jack.  A small disaster with the camera almost marred the trip, but we managed to shake off our initial distress.  Material things are just that.  We appreciate them and try our best to take care of them, but the things that are important in life have nothing to do with "stuff" and happily, the heart of our day came through just fine.  I'll share this post with Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City.  Many thanks to her for that fine meme.

There are 3 short videos at the end that may interest some of you, but otherwise, feel free to ignore: 
1.16 seconds. Tupper (the seagull) runs across the grass towards me yesterday morning, and then Cory (the crow) flies onto the park bench.  There's a 2nd crow in the background that I sadly ignored as I'm not ready to become the neighbourhood bird woman..  yet :)
2. 1 minute, 37 seconds.  A German choir we heard as we biked by Sunset Beach.  I could make out "Until We Meet Again" but in googling, realize there are several songs with these words.  I loved hearing them and especially enjoyed their sound at 1:22.  Just part of the song is recorded.
3. 1 minute, 24 seconds. Same German choir with a portion of one of their songs sung in German.  I had to smile at 0:27 and then again at 0:34 when a dog yipped (not Black Jack and not seen in the video but clearly heard).  The second yip was so perfectly timed, one of the singers had great difficulty suppressing her laughter.  I should warn you that I filmed while walking with my 500 mm lens.  It is particularly poor, visually, from 0:53 on.  I suggest you listen only and stop watching if you wish to avoid seasickness.

And now, for our day: 

This was near the beginning of our ride.  I liked the vibrant greens and contrasting berries. 
It has been three weeks since David Huynh fell from the cliff and died.  We stood near this memorial for a long time, thinking of him and talking..
to a gentleman and then to two young women from Brazil who were deeply saddened to learn of the tragedy.  Many stopped, and all felt, I think, like the people who talked with us, wanting to convey their RIP wishes for David and their condolences to his loved ones. 
Black Jack waited in her basket, secure under Bill's vigilant care.  She basked in the sun,
happy, as always, to be with us.
I took quite a few shots of cormorants.. 
flying by, but looked often as well..
at the unforgiving cliff above us.  How could it be willing to host a tree out of its stone..
and yet sentence a young man to death for a youthful lapse of judgement.  
One particularly large and powerful cormorant held our attention, diving over and over,
and then emerging so beautifully.
We finally summoned the will to leave it behind..
knowing this place will always inspire thoughts of David and a reminder to make each moment of the life we have as good as it can be.
We had just passed Sunset Beach when we saw this German choir warming up..
for a little performance at the top of a grassy hill.
They weren't collecting money and there was no sign with their name or information, but I guessed them to be visiting from Germany.  It was a gift to come across them.
Bill waited with Black Jack at the bottom of the hill.  The sound was carrying quite well, so he was able to enjoy the music while I walked up the hill, hoping to catch a little video.
The closer I came to them, the more I appreciated their sound and their spirit.
I was using my 500 mm lens and couldn't fit all of them in the picture, but perhaps, you will see enough here to sense a little of my pleasure.  You will want to stop reading the post here if video-watching is not your thing :)  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Perhaps you might find time to stop by Sundays in my City as well.  A very happy day to each one of you!  
Video 1: Tupper and Corey
Video 2: Until We Meet Again

Video 3: Dog yips timed well for German song.


  1. nice to see tupper in action. yes, the dog yips were well-timed. :)

  2. I enjoyed the choir being a choir member myself. I think I saw one of the members give a chuckle at the dog bark. We have never warmed up like this however.

  3. I like the atmosphere of a choir with no walls and the uncertainty of how far voices will travel. Until we meet again … poignant words for people who have lost loved ones.

  4. I always find the natural world a cure for sad times and dark moments.

  5. I love that photo of the cormorant as it is diving!!

  6. Beautiful voices (including the well-timed dog bark!), beautiful photos. I hope the incident with your camera is resolvable.

  7. It's always nice to get a glimpse of Tupper.