Thursday, September 25, 2014

A few fences, a little art and lots of play

There are only five photos to check out if you are visiting from TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme.  The rest of the post relates a little bit of playtime yesterday on Sunset Beach (Vancouver's English Bay) with Bill and Black Jack.  

A simple handrail brings you down the steps to the beach but the main fence is really the loosely arranged driftwood creating a border between the bike/walking paths and the beach.
Another natural style fence.
From the beach, I look up at Burrard Bridge.  This tower always makes me think of Rapunzel.
I feel as though I know every inch of this bridge intimately,
having walked, biked and driven over it countless times.  Thanks for stopping by if it is the fence theme that brought you here.  Many thanks, as well, to Theresa for hosting!  Hop on over to her meme to see more fences.
Black Jack loves a good run, wherever we go but perhaps the beach is her favourite.  I think she has air here!
So happy!
Bill waits by the rock..
with the face with an expression we interpreted as a bit grumpy :)
Bill thought this mallard may have been lost.  I thought it could be a young one.
I thought s/he could be a juvenile.  It felt a bit sad to see him/her all alone, but there was attitude in that pose..  a good thing.
I related to this fellow.  Wannabe photographers are a bit of a pain in the neck sometimes :)  
Palm trees along the beach always seem a bit out of place but I love them and they do quite well.  I don't think there are many other parts of Canada where palm trees could survive.
Looking across English Bay at Vanier Park.
Bill asked me to pose by Bernar Venet's 217.5 Arc X 13 here.  I walked toward's the sculpture reluctantly, with Black Jack in my arm as a prop.  I think these two gentlemen had the same idea.  We had a short but pleasant conversation.  One moved a couple of months ago to Vancouver.  The other was visiting him and seeing the city for the first time.
 The visitor took a look at the bottom of the sculpture, saw water and sand collected there..
 and thought better of the pose.  They bid me a good evening and left.  Bill was still..
 snapping away.  
 He moved to the other side and I tried (unsuccessfully) to be creative with my pose.
Love and embarrassment in my eyes :)  For some truly creative and interesting poses on that sculpture, here's that link again.  I've also put a video of an interview with Bernar Venet at the end of the post.  It shows some of the other works in this series and I love that we get to hear his voice and see his expression as he tries to explain a little of his thinking process.
 Camera back in my hands, it feels like one of those days when I know absolutely nothing about photography.  I try to capture the sky..  this one too dark but with dramatic detail - 
 so I follow Bill and Black Jack around again.
 Black Jack just doesn't tire.. 
 of inspecting the rocks.
 I admire the copper shades in this one..
 and try again to show that sky.
 I notice the sculpture takes on quite a different appearance from this side..
 Back again to the sky and path of sunlight.
Black Jack is surprised by..
a wave that douses her..
as it finds its way between the rocks.
We move up to the walking path and I some patterns in this log..
and one more shot of the pink patches in the sky.
Bill decides this is Newfoundland.
A driftwood creature..
and a final shot taken in a puddle.  That's it for today, folks.  Just the video at the end if you would like to know more about Bernar Venet's art.  Sorry that it is putting the spacing of this post off a bit.  I couldn't figure out how to resize it. Thanks so much for stopping by.  Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. i like the arc sculpture! and i like the bridge of rapunzel, too. :)

  2. I love the water scenes very much! Black Jack is in fine form... love to see him in your photos.

  3. Fantastic post. So much to see and read about here. That sculpture is amazing and I love that your hubby was persistent about getting yours and Jacks photo there. Also that bridge is very cool. Loved the shot with the lights on it and all the other fun things like the driftwood faces and Jack running.

  4. Hi Carol, another awesome series of photos.. I feel like I go along on your outings.. The sculpture and bridge are both neat.. And I love your Black Jack, she seems to fly while running.. Enjoy your evening and the weekend ahead!

  5. Nice pictures! That sculpture is really cool!

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  7. these are super, and black jack is so cute!

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