Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tupper, Two bikes, a Beast, a Community Garden and a Crossword

Tupper was my sole bird-photo yesterday.  We were glad to see her though I had to take this shot through the apartment window since we didn't manage to meet up.   I'm sharing our day with Our World Tuesday, originally founded as "My World Tuesday" by the late Klaus Peter, and carried forward by ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy and Jennifer.  Many thanks to them for their dedication as they bring people together from around the world. 
Black Jack was so happy yesterday.  The weather was just right for snuggling under her jacket when she rode in her basket, and for running full-out when we stopped.. 
 in Olympic Village.  A one-pointer here..
 and just a spec here.. 
as she raced back to Bill.
The community garden just across from the field where she ran was beautiful yesterday.  I don't have a huge appreciation for flies, but the pink eyes on this one caught my attention.  
 I even went so far as to attempt to identify it and think it may be a Small House Fly (as opposed to the much larger "normal" house fly).  
I have wondered about the wisdom of nature, with certain species seeming to have only pest-like characteristics, but learned that this particular fly is much appreciated by forensic scientists.  I'll leave the reason for that to your imaginations.
 I thought the flowers around that fly (maybe English daisies?) lovely.
 Zucchinis were doing really well, and their yellow blossoms.. 
 were worthy of a closer look.
Neither of us could believe this pumpkin.  At least, I think it was a pumpkin and not a squash.  It was a little bigger than a basketball and just gorgeous. 
 In the space of a few steps, we saw brown sunflowers,
 orangey sunflowers,
 and yellow sunflowers.  I'm not sure if they were different species..
 or just in different stages of maturity.
 I loved these blue flowers as well.  Perhaps Bachelor's Buttons?  
 I like bees as long as they keep a certain distance from me and from Black Jack.  This one..
 was fascinating to examine in a cropped photo.  I wonder if it was watching me.
I struggled to get a photo of this sunflower.
 In the final stages of life, its withered petals gathered around its centre..   
 as though to give it privacy.  That's Bill's hand as he stretches onto his tip toes to help me get a closer look.  Thank you, Bill!  We left it in peace after that. 
 The garden had only a couple of red flowers and I took a quick shot of these..
 before following Bill, who was busy admiring these huge zucchinis.
 The little creek by the garden is completely covered with algae these days and we haven't seen any ducks in it for ages.  This discarded bike wheel seemed sad and lonely to us, but also beautiful in a "found art" sort of way.
Bill and I had worked on a crossword earlier while sitting in our favourite gallery/café.  My brain completely exhausted, I had suggested we ride a bit, find a park bench somewhere, and try to finish it after giving our brains a break.  After our garden walk, we headed to a bench, but along the way,
 I snapped a few more shots..
 of flowers.
Picture us on that bench, looking over False Creek and the Cambie Bridge.  This family is crossing the stepping stones to a little peninsula that we occasionally like to visit ourselves.  The crossword words are coming now, our two brains working in tandem.  
 I sit beside Bill and Black Jack, and a "whoo-hoo" comes from my lips as the last words jump across our brains and onto the page.  I lift my camera..  and I tell you no lie..  this child jumps at that very moment from one flat stone to the next.  
 I so hope that one day, I will run into these people again.  I think they would love the photos.
 I know I do.  The happy parents make me smile as they watch their girl running so free.
We did it!  But, Black Jack doesn't seem all that impressed :)
 A little respect, please, Black Jack!  There, that's better. As she makes herself comfortable on Bill's knee, we do understand that she considers it her duty to keep track of more urgent matters.  That was our day.  I hope you enjoyed it too :)  Take some time, if you can, to check out other happenings in the lives of people around the world.  They are just a click away at Our World Tuesday.  Thank you so much for stopping by here on your way!


  1. hooray for crossword completions! loved all the beautiful blooms. the first one is very different. loved the family on the rocks, too, complete with dog.

  2. Blackjack looks so happy racing across the grass. Love the images of the family on the rocks, just beautiful.

    thanks for your kind words when you stopped to visit my blog.

  3. I miss the Vancouver Sun's crossword puzzles. Gorgeous flower shots!

  4. What a gorgeous series of shots.

  5. That is the prettiest fly I have ever seen! An excellent camera mixed with your special perspectives and capabilities is producing some awesome photos, Carol. By the way, I tried to listen to your piano video recently and found it was no more. Am looking forward to your updated version one day. :)