Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Critter, My Bill, and My Memory of Lilee-Jean

Only one critter to share this morning with Eileen's Saturday's Critters.  Just my sweet Black Jack in an impromptu two-minute photo shoot this morning.  
Wakey, wakey!
 Ho hum, show my tongue.
 Let me count the ways..
.. it twists and curls.
 Thought you'd be impressed.
 Surely that deserves a reward!
 I'm trying to be patient.
 Really, I'm doing my best here.
 Thanks for understanding!
I did finally give her the reward she was positive she had earned.

The rest of the post is about our impromptu date last night and about my memory of Lilee- Jean Putt.  If you are strictly here for the critters, thanks for stopping by.  It would be well worth a little trip over to Eileen's meme to see just about every variety of critter imaginable.  Many thanks to her for hosting!   

On Thursday, we saw lots of commotion on Granville Island as the Fringe Festival went into full swing.  On impulse, we bought tickets for last night's performance of Moonlight after Midnight.  We loved it.  A highlight was Vanessa Quesnelle's unaccompanied version of Patsy Cline's Crazy for You.  You may want to listen to that as you read the rest of the post.  That's what I'm doing as I type..  I'm on my 3rd listen and I still love it :)
I guess you could say Bill and I go on dates every day, but last night was special.  We took pictures..
of each other..
and Bill put his hat on backwards..
and we never did get the light right, but I think the photos are beautiful..
because we were happy.
A Granville Island lane/street was closed off because a liquor license had been granted just for The Fringe Festival.  Would you believe they wouldn't let Bill and I pass until we showed our ID's?  And we didn't even drink!  That made us, and the people guarding the entrance, laugh but they stuck to the rules and I guess I will put that down to a historical event :)  There was some live music..
and twinkling lights, and..
the atmosphere felt magical.  The volume was just right..
and we were especially impressed with the sound of the..
I am always pulled..
to the sight and sound of a cello.
The musicians took a little break but even the recorded music seemed fine..
and we decided to eat a very late supper, ordering delicious wraps from Agro Café, and eating them at an outside table, with moonlight and balmy air and the background music soft enough that Bill could tell me stories of long ago.  I took these photos of art on the wall while we waited for our food, all by Rita Leroux.
Woman From Chiapas
Day of the Dead Mexico
Ferry Dock
This tree took on its own magic with a combination of strung lights..
and moonlight.  
We waited to hear one song when the musicians performed again, and though I liked their intensity, the volume had been raised a few decibels and we decided to head back to our bikes for a wonderful ride home along the waterfront.
There were more twinkling lights as we walked away and Bill did a little dance..
on the pavement that..
I tried to capture that spirit, and this morning, as I look at it, I remember Lilee-Jean.  She would have loved those lights and Bill's dance.  It is the one-year anniversary of her passing.  
She and her family danced in the rain every chance they could possibly get in the weeks before she died.  If any of you knew her through my blog, I would love it if you would do your tiny bit to make our water and our air and our food a little safer for all of us but especially for the children.  And perhaps you could keep her grieving family in your thoughts and/or prayers.  Her grandmother shared a post about her this morning.  I love it for the twinkle in Lilee-Jean's eye.   
And one more thing..  remember to dance, in sunshine and in rain..  every chance you get..  in whatever way you can.  You changed the world, sweet Lilly Jean.   I will remember you and the lessons you taught me forever. 


  1. little black jack shows some attitude. :) laughing at you two getting carded. :)

  2. Penelope Puddle would truly love this! What awesome friends to have put together this video that captured such delightful little pieces of Lilee-Jean's sunshine.

  3. Oh dear, I am weeping at the beauty of this lovely post ending with the tribute to Lilly-Jean. Phyllis

  4. Black Jack is so cute! Awesome series of shots.

  5. Little Black Jack is a critter with many expressions ~ a sweetie really! Glad you had great fun on your 'date' too!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. So happy you told me about the post Carol - thank you for remembering our sweet Lilee and our family on her anniversary