Monday, September 29, 2014

Zephyr is missing!

Edited to let you know the good news that Zephyr has been found and she is just fine.  It was pretty much the same scenario as last time she was lost, except this time, she managed to get herself locked inside a different building.  Yay for a happy ending!   
I don't usually post twice in one day, but this one is important.  If you remember my post about Zephyr, the dearly loved cat that resides with Jennifer, Chris and their sons, of Harrison Galleries, you will understand that I was greatly saddened yesterday when Jennifer told me that they haven't seen Zephyr in a couple of days.  She asked me to do this post in the hopes that someone may have seen her. 
No lectures, please, on the dangers of allowing cats to roam free out of doors.  Jennifer is well aware of these, but after adopting Zephyr, and after giving indoor life a good try, it became apparent Zephyr would live a life of misery if not allowed to go outside.  At a family meeting, they acknowledged the risk and made a decision in favour of a good life vs. a possibly longer one.
That said, they are hoping Zephyr will turn up, as she has before.  The last time this happened, someone had locked her inside a building.  If you live in Vancouver, and in particular, anywhere near Richards Street downtown, please keep an eye out for her and get back to me or to Harrison Galleries if you spot her.  She is extremely friendly and will happily accept petting and adoration of all types :)
I will update you if she is found.
Let's keep our positive vibes going for a happy outcome to this story.
The links above will take you to further info about Zephyr and about Harrison Galleries.  Many thanks for stopping by!


  1. sweet, adorable cat. i hope she is safe and returned soundly!

  2. What a sweetie, so glad she was found!

  3. So glad she was found safe and sound. I saw an animal rescue type show once where they found a cat stuck in a brick wall, it somehow got in through a hole the size of a mouse and got stuck the poor thing, it's crazy how much mischief animals can get themselves in!