Saturday, September 20, 2014

Lost Lagoon Critters

I've sorted through yesterday's critter photos for Eileen's Saturday's Critters post (thank you so much, Eileen) while listening to Leonard Cohen's newest recording, Popular Problems, over and over.  CBC allows you to listen at that link before the official release date next Tuesday.  Leonard Cohen turns 80 tomorrow.  Whatever you might feel about his more-gravelly-than-ever voice (I have always loved it) and "ladies' man" persona, I applaud him and would love to think he'll make another album at 90.  He has much to share and many who are ready to listen.

We rode our bikes to Lost Lagoon, walked around the pond with Black Jack and rode home again.  I've never seen so many racoons.  The summer vacationers amused themselves feeding them, but they are gone now.  The racoons pay the price.  We tried to scare them away, but many stared defiantly back at us.
 Most make their home under the little bridge that takes you to the path around the lagoon.
The wood ducks..
also seem to like that area.
 The fallen branches make great perches.
 Just when we thought the racoons were leaving, 
 new ones..
 crept up from under the bridge.
A lady told us a story of one she had witnessed trying to attack a dog and then going after the person when they picked up the dog.  That turned out to have happened some time ago but Bill carried Black Jack until we were past the most heavily populated area.  I caught these two following him..
 and a split second later, a third joining the little procession.  
 I am really partial to the blue.. 
 accents in female wood ducks.
 This was the last racoon we saw until we returned to our starting point.  S/he had an air of disappointment that stole my heart, but we steeled ourselves to keep right on walking :)
Some rain over the past couple of days seems to have cleared the skies.  It looks like it will be another blue-sky day today, but I loved the atmosphere yesterday, with just a few patches of clear sky bringing out the raindrops.
 This leaf, attached to the most delicate of webs, appeared to be suspended in mid air.
We enjoyed the patches of colour..
 and the reflections,
 and I thought we must return soon to explore the deeper forest trails.. 
 behind the park benches.
 Bill spotted these droplets..
 and we both liked this new bird house that had appeared since our last visit.
We saw new buds and flowers that I used to think only showed up in Spring.  It seems to me that Vancouver's temperate climate confuses nature.
 This goose standing proudly by the edge of the pond caught my eye, 
 and that led to some wonderful entertainment. .
 as bath time began.
 I don't think there could have been..
 a spec of anything left to clean..
 by the time..
 the wash routine..
 had been completed to the goose's satisfaction.  
 Sumac leaves.. 
 created more..
 patches of colour and some wonderful shapes..
 as we arrived at the other side of the pond.
 This swan watched us..
 but more in the hopes, I think, of a handout, than of..
any fear.  At least nourishment is not a concern, since they are fed regularly.  Loved the water-droplets in these two shots.  
 As the nature house came into view, 
 so did many more reflections..
 that were hard to resist.
 We saw these white flowers..
 just before walking the narrow path.. 
 by the building. 
Geese (spotlessly clean by now) flew across the pond..
 with blue sky above and below them.
 The fountain has been turned off, a sign, perhaps of the non-touristy season.
 Two more swans (or perhaps the same ones seen earlier)..
 followed each other..
 and a small bird rustled under the bridge..
 that took us back to our starting point.
Hello!  Guess who?
 Bet you forgot about us!
 Well, I'll have you know this is our bridge!
 We allow you passage but only if you promise to behave yourselves! Bye-bye!  See ya' next time.
 We made one stop..
 on the way home..
 by English Bay.
Bye-bye.  I'll see ya' next time too :)
Thanks for stopping by.  Still hoping for more critters?  You'll find some great ones at Eileen's meme.  Happy Saturday to you!


  1. Hello Carol, I enjoy your Lost Lagoon post and the critters.. There are a lot of raccoons there, I hope the people keep their distance from them.. Black Jack is always a treat to see, she is so cute.. Love the cool Canada Geese shots, awesome show.. And the swans are beautiful. Lovely sunset. You had a great outing, thanks for sharing and for linking up to my critter party.. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. you've got lots of critters looking for handouts. yikes on the raccoons! they can be very rough on dogs - mine have gotten lots of bites and hard scratches from their battles. don't like seeing them out in the day time and so bold, too.

  3. Lokks like a beautiful area and a lot of racoons.

  4. Oh, my, Carol! so many wonderful shots! You are right to be wary of the raccoons. I wish people wouldn't feed wild animals like that, it really does them more harm than good. Love your swan shots - amazing! I love to watch birds bathing, entertaining, as you say! Lovely sunset to end the day! Have blessed week!

  5. I echo June's comment about being wary of racoons! However, it was a bird and animal filled blog which I always enjoy! Hugs for you both! Phyllis

  6. Wonderfull fotos of the lagoons, other fotos always beautifull,Greeting from Belgium.

    * /


  7. It is too bad that the tourists fed them, makes them thinking all people will feed them. Raccoons can be downright nasty sometimes and other times very friendly. I love Lost Lagoon! It is my favorite hangout when I visit Vancouver. I enjoyed viewing your day through your lens.

  8. Wonderful photos! The racoons are so cute and of course I love the swans.

  9. Wonderful shots, Carol. I especially loved the bathing beauty, and the photo as they flew away. Always happy to see Bill, alert to Blackjack's every impulse, and Blackjack, alert to every marvellous possibility,