Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Our World Yesterday

Just a simple day, yesterday, but it was full of many of the things I love.  It makes me happy to look back on it and to share it with Our World Tuesday.  You can read the history of that meme here.  My fervent thanks to ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy and Jennifer for their faithful visits to our blogs.  Encouraging people to share their worlds is a beautiful way to make a difference.

Black Jack ran..
 and played..
 with Bill.
 The sun broke out after the rain and she sat in my shadow.
 A little more play, 
 and then we rode our bikes to Hornby Aquabus stop for the short ride to Granville Island.  The sun brought out colourful reflections in the water by the dock.
 A few minutes later, we sat on a bench looking over False Creek from the other side.  No, the coffee cup does not belong to Bill.  I am still thinking of the Childhood Cancer Awareness event on Saturday (blogged about here).  We only spent a couple of hours there but it was a powerful reminder that we've got to do what we can to keep toxins out of our surroundings.  Carrying our own cups with us is one easy way to make a start on that.  We aren't and don't pretend to be perfect, but maybe small steps like this could spread and make a difference. 
  A heron waited on a log under the dock where we sat.
 S/he watched for potential meals.. 
 to pass by.. 
 but didn't have much luck, so decided to step up onto the dock..
 where a good shake..
 displayed a tutu-like skirt..
 that I thought was magnificent.
 A couple of long strides,
 a check on this cormorant who was also hoping for some luck on the log, 
 and a decision that there was room for two.
 The colours in the log and in the feathers of the cormorant gleamed as the sun was setting.. 
behind the mountains and the Burrard Bridge.
 A ruffed-up pigeon..
 watched us..
 with an expression..
 that seemed "knowing" though I'm guessing it was geared more to impress the female who had been pointedly ignoring his display. 
 As a city bus..
 made its way..
 over the bridge,
 the heron departed.  Bill noted the changing..
 neck positions, sometimes stretched out,
 and sometimes tucked into.. 
 the body.
 We watched a small interaction between a pigeon and a poodle.. 
 and looked across the water where we had caught the aquabus.  
 People were out on the last day of summer, happy, I think..
 that the balmy temperatures..
 were staying with us.  
 We watched some cormorants fly by in formation..
and I took a moment to look at the point where False Creek meets up with the ocean.  
We travel that bike path over and over again.  You can see it on the right of the photo.  There are some stairs that go up for walkers but cyclists go around the corner of that building, and then onto the path by English Bay.
We gathered up our things, deciding to ride around the other side of the creek to get home.  So nice to have the option to take a boat or ride or even walk, depending on our mood and the weather.  As we walked by some Granville Island shops, 
 I took a few moments..
 to look at the beautifully displayed..
 musical instruments..
 in The World Music Store.
 This duck on roller skates in the shop next door made me smile.
 So did the sight of Bill, 
 riding back and forth..
 as he waited for me..
 to stop taking pictures of the crows flying home to roost, 
 and the flowers..
 in the garden..
 by the bike path.
 These were my last two shots..
and that was our last stop before a very good ride home. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog.  For a taste of what is happening in the lives of others around the world, you can follow this link to Our World Tuesday.  Have a good day, everyone!


  1. cute little heron. don't you know the pigeon realizes the poodle is on a leash. :) love your two playmates (bill and black jack).

  2. Nice variety of subject matter here today - looks like it was a fun day.

  3. Carol, another lovely day.. I love seeing Black Jack running around free. And the heron/cormorant shots are awesome.. Your photos are wonderful.. Great post. Enjoy your week ahead!

  4. I did enjoy your day out. Lots of stuff to interact with.


  5. A wonderful series of shots - I'm so glad I stopped by!.

  6. Amazing captures of the Heron "shaking down" - you did well to freeze the action.