Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The letter K

Our day yesterday included some thinking about the letter "K" for ABC Wednesday.  My thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt for kicking off a most successful meme that now continues, with the support of a fine team of volunteers, into its 15th round.  This week, I'd like to draw your attention to two volunteers, Roger Green and Reader Wil.  I always feel enriched after reading their posts.

Here is a list of the "K" words that kindled my fancy yesterday at the Unusual Words that Begin with K site:
1. kickie-wickie - wife (It just made me smile.)
2. kinchin - child
3. kit - pocket violin
4. kalon - beauty that is more than skin deep
5. kainotophobia - fear of change
6. kenspeckle - easily recognizable 

Bill and I visited Elvis (a former student of mine) for haircuts yesterday.  I guess we both suffer from kainotophobia because we seem to put off this pleasure as long as possible.  Once in his salon, Zhape, we always have a good time.
As you can see, Bill had some beautiful curls.  Elvis is not only skilled, but super kind.
He has the knack..
and the know-how..
and the knowledge to put his clients at ease.
He senses emotions in a kinaesthetic way.. 
and his keen expression as he works reflects a beauty that I would describe as kalon.
He's kool too :)
I am not kidding when I say that Bill's curls and Elvis's hands were fun to photograph.
I'm not sure why I got such a kick out of Elvis's shoes, but ..
one thing for sure, they would be kenspeckle on the street.
Backwards and forwards, 
Bill was a knockout after Elvis was finished!   
Then Elvis had to knuckle down again without even so much as a small break. 
My favourite shot was this kooky one.  Bill said I reminded him of a sheepdog :)
It was a good cut.  I'll show you the whole kit and kaboodle at the end of the post.
After our haircuts, we rode our bikes to Harrison Galleries where we completed most of a crossword puzzle.  A new word that stumped us was Kitlope.  Bill knew about the Great Bear Rainforest but we didn't know it had been named Kitlope Nature Conservancy.  This photo, by Ian McAllister, was in a very interesting National Geographic article about Spirit Bears.
While we were at the gallery, I took photos of two new paintings by.. 
Vancouver painter and print maker, Lou Kohlman.  I do not know the titles but like both of these very much.
As I was looking around, this kerosene lamp caught my eye..
and then a book by another Canadian artist, James Keirstead.  He lives in Kingston, Ontario, and is doing everything he can to preserve some of the beautiful heritage farm buildings that are slowly disappearing from the landscape.  
I looked inside the book and found many beautiful works.  This one, with kinchins playing in the snow, was one of my favourites.  You can listen to Keirstead talk about his passion in this video.  
I love that Harrison Galleries is a place where we can soak in knowledge while we sip our lattés and do our crosswords.  
When we left the gallery, this dog sitting near the bike stand endeared herself to me.  I learned that her name is Rogue, and her human, a lovely girl who kindly allowed the photo,
told me that Rogue had had a hard day at the vet's because of an infection.  She will soon be feeling better as she is now on antibiotics.  I was encouraged that my small offering of..
a salmon treat..
perked up her mood considerably.  This is a face that I won't forget any time soon.  A kenspeckle one for sure.  Happy healing, sweet Rogue!
Though I am not Bill's kickie-wickie, our life partnership is one that I cherish.  We are..
kindred spirits for sure.  I only wish I could transmit the laughter as we set up these photos last evening.  Perhaps, if you listen really hard, you will feel it through my words :)  Have a kickass Wednesday.  Many thanks for stopping by!  


  1. kickie-wickie. too dang funny!

    elvis is VERY cool! VERY! :)

  2. Well Elvis is just what the beauty shop ordered! I love your new-do's and I love this shoes too. He has a quirky style.

  3. Great new haircuts, something that is on my list of things to do.. Elvis is wonderful.. I love the doggie Rogue too, such a cute face.. Interesting words and meanings.. I enjoyed this post, you made me laugh.. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  4. So, if you're not Bill's kickie-wickie, is he not your wickie-kickie? There must be an equivalent that is just as funny. Love the haircuts. You both look 10 years younger. No hiding those curls under hats for awhile. Well done, Elvis!

  5. Kudos to Elvis for giving you both such awesome haircuts. :))

  6. Nice series...learned some new words and your haircuts are great....have a great week♪

  7. Nice KUTS! I actually like getting my hair cut, but never have time. And thanks for the KALL_OUT!


  8. Great haircuts and wonderful new vocabulary!! I wish I could remember them to wow you! M learned the difference between vertical and horizontal today and will, no doubt, regale you when we see you! Phyllis

  9. I enjoyed reading this, such an interesting life you have right on your doorstep Nice to see Bill's face now he's had his haircut, he sure has a good head of hair, all those lovely curls too! Nice pic of BJC having a paddle. Loved the pictures of Rogue, she even smiled for you, lovely!
    A thoroughly enjoyable read,
    Best wishes,


  10. Loved the glimpse into your day and all these wonderful K words, and of course Elvis's shoes and the kerosene lamp