Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our Vancouver World Yesterday

I am linking up to Our World Tuesday today, with many thanks to the hardworking volunteers who keep this fine meme running, after its initial start by Klaus Peter.

We cycled over the Cambie Bridge yesterday, enjoyed lattés and completed most of a crossword puzzle at Caffée Cittadella and then biked under the Cambie Bridge and around the False Creek seawall to take the long way home.  This photo looks up at the bridge and over it to views of the revolving restaurant (centre) and the stadium roof (right). 
New banners have gone up.  I love the colours but feel Cancer research has gone about as far as it can go.   We know that air, water, and earth pollutants are major culprits.  A common sense approach to cleaning as many of those as possible should be our first priority. That is where my thoughts have been taking me for a while now.
 I took some reflection shots..
 while Bill and Black Jack looked on.
 We also looked across the creek and I was amazed to see that my 300 mm lens picked up Reckless Bike Shop and even the people waiting to rent, buy or repair bikes (to the left of the ferry ramp).  Some of you will remember that the owner of the shop came very close to death a couple of months ago.  His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.  You can read about that and listen to his interview here.
 Flowers (sorry not to identify them..  they seemed to be growing with some dandelion-like flowers, but were quite large..  maybe baseball-sized) growing out of the rocks by the water were beautiful even as they dried. I love my camera for showing these details.
 The banners brought new colours to the usual reflections.. 
 that were fun to photograph. 
It was coolish but comfortable.  I took one photo with the Granvllle Bridge way in the background.  That is where we were headed, with the plan to take the ferry home from there.
We stopped along the way by this pond.  The rocks are so covered by seagull poop that they look beautiful (from a distance).
 The juvenile seagulls are..
 the biggest.. 
 I've ever seen.  They seem to thrive by this section of the creek.
 I zoomed in on the Granville.  We almost never take buses any more, but I love to see them. The Burrard Bridge can be seen..
 only a few city blocks west of the Granville.  I like that we have three options to cross False Creek.  Only yesterday, I suddenly realized the Cambie Bridge doesn't quite line up with the Burrard and the Granville Bridges. 
I found this photo on line of the three bridges, Cambie at the far right, Burrard at the far left, and Granville to the right of the Burrard.  In the background you can see the North Shore mountains, and the dark patch in front of them is Stanley Park.  Bill and I have explored all the options around False Creek.  This is an old photograph so the park area that we live in on the north side just to the right of the Granville hasn't yet been developed but this gives a good idea of the layout of the land.  We really do love where we live.
 As we stood by the pond, we could see the new Jelly Bean sculpture by Cosimo Cavallaro being enjoyed by quite a variety of people in the park by the bike path.  There is a sign asking people not to climb on the art, but that is clearly wasted ink.  Those beans are just right for climbing and there is a crowd around and on them every time we pass by.  Yesterday, a little drama unfolded in front of our eyes.  We heard angry yelling, but at first couldn't identify the source of the problem.
Only later, in the photos, did I figure out some of the story.  The boy on the yellow bean is arguing with a friend, or perhaps younger brother, and appears to be pushing him off the bean.  Note the young girl on the left.  She is not involved in the story but is about to climb up.
 I'm guessing what may have happened is that the younger boy managed to get up and tried to push the older boy off.  
There was a scuffle and both boys ended up on the ground (no photo of that).  Perhaps, the younger boy even pulled the older one with him. The older boy disappeared from sight but I heard him yelling for quite some time.  He was not a happy camper.  Check out the young girl.  She is almost up.  I was also interested in the expressions of the people on the right.
 So much happening here.  Young adults on the right.  A couple of older men watching.  A grandma, perhaps, with her grandchild on the red bean.  A father with a little girl.  The young girl has made it onto the bean (impressive to me).  The younger boy is trying for about the umpteenth time to get up.  
 He was really persistent.  (Check out the Schnauzer in this shot and the Puggle (?) above :)
 Definitely not a quitter.
 Will he do it this time?
 I can't help but think this kid will go places.  At least to the top of a jelly bean :)
 Look at the determination.
 Almost there!
 Did it!  But, why isn't anyone impressed?  (Bill and I are but we're too far away to comment.)  
Perhaps he was ignored because those who saw the full story feel sorry for the older boy.
Frustrating to succeed and not be congratulated but I remain impressed with his persistence.  I hope the older boy recovered from the insult, if that is what it was.  I thank all of them for a fascinating look at Jelly Bean Jealously :)
 I took this photo showing the seawall and parkways.  Such a beautiful ride along here.
 Black Jack and Bill have a little discussion before we get back on our bikes for the ride..
to Granville Island.  I remain fascinated by progress on the mural by OSGEMEOS. That is the name the Brazilian brothers, 40-year-old twins, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, go by. 
 They are apparently working 10-12 hours a day to finish it in time for the September 7th..
 opening.  So many details to see and think about. 
 Each time we look, 
something new catches my eye. 
 This is how we see them from the Granville Island side.  Bill and I talked about proportions.  With three silos stacked, and the lower ones having openings for cement vehicles, it is a challenge to get body proportions to work.  Bill commented that the legs were rather short :)
 Then we figured out that they may be kneeling.  Now, i'm wondering if they are sitting on stools.
 Whatever they are doing, life goes on around the concrete plant.  One reader asked about those back wheels.  They go down when the trucks are fully loaded.
 More details pull me in, with the attraction being perhaps..
 a kind of closeness of spirit  portrayed between these fanciful people.
 We leave the mural and walk to the area where we will catch the ferry home, but sit for a while listening to this busker.  
 He is Keegan Chen and his guitar playing is just perfect for us at the moment.  I will edit this later with a link so that you can learn more about him.    
 Bill and Black Jack sit looking over the water and listening to the music.  I sit contentedly..
 beside them, wondering about this boat with scooter bikes..
 and loving the lights in Granville Island shops..
 and catching a few..
 more details..
 of the boat.
 Keegan does his last song of the evening..
 dancing just a little bit in spite of the fact that he must be tired.
 We marvel at this reflection in a window,
 and finally figure out it comes from this sign.
 Keegan gives me his email address so I can send him his photos.
 A few people talk to this seagull and then laugh with embarrassment when I see them.  I tell them not to worry, that I often talk to seagulls :)
 The Burrard Bridge..
 and pinkish skies..
 and just two more..
 reflection shots before we finally board the ferry to cross False Creek. 
 From the other side, we see that same boat I had been admiring.  Here's a link to give you more information about it.
 and another perspective of the OSGEMEO mural.
 It will travel the silos 360 degrees.
 This morning, I looked at it again from our Yaletown apartment window. 
 Some of you might remember that there seemed to be a bear creature before, but that..
 has now turned into hair.  I have been wondering if the twin artists (the twin aspect really captures my imagination) have a plan to add a surprise element on the final day before the opening.  Thank you so much for reading.  It is time to go now :)  Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. the silos are pretty interesting. thanks for showing the details emerging. king of the jelly bean hill! my favorites were your abstract reflection shots!

  2. I like how the soft sun cast a yellow hue on the water in the photo with the Granville Bridge in the distance. The Jelly Bean drama is an interesting study in how people react or do not react. One way or another, children internalize and interpret their seemingly small successes and failures. I would like to have been a fly on that yellow bean. :)

  3. Some wonderful reflection shots today as well as the developing mural.

  4. Thanks for sharing all the sites and art! I love all the reflections in the water and the mural by the brothers!